For Your Consideration: Ripped Bodice Bingo Books!

It’s time for the annual summer bingo from Ripped Bodice! Have tons of fun reading and possibly win a prize. Grab a copy of this year’s bingo card and see the rules at the bookstore’s website.

I scoured my backlist for books to fit every prompt. I think I rooted out most of them, but with a backlist as sprawling as mine, it’s easy to miss some things. I know these books fit for sure, though! If you’ve had them in your TBR pile for a while, now’s the perfect time to blow off the dust.

There Was Only One Bed:

The Viking Queen’s Men
Out of Bounds

I’m on a Boat:

Lowdown Dirty
My Nora
Viking Flame
Surrendering Saul

Title is a Pun:

Ménage á Troys
Three Strikes
Lucky Break

Healthcare Professional:

The Viking’s Witch
A Legacy Divided
The Cougar’s Pawn
The Cougar’s Trade
The Cougar’s Bargain


The Wolf’s Joy


The Afótama Legacy
Shrew & Company
The Angel’s Hunger

The Final Frontier:

The Jekh Saga

Their Nose Was Broken:

The Viking Queen’s Men
Saint and Scholar

Meddling Matchmakers:

Desert Guards Series

Villain’s Love Story:


Protagonist plays an instrument that’s not the guitar or piano:

The Coyote’s Chance
Three Part Harmony

Violet Eyes: