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It’s been a long road. If it’d been completely up to me, I would have chased this story out immediately after The Coyote’s Bride to give you some resolution…but even the best-laid plans fall apart sometimes.

I’m sorry to keep you waiting.

(And I’m sorry to confess that as of right now, there is no plan beyond adopting a “see fire, extinguish fire” state of mind.)

From the moment Tarik walked into his very first scene way back in The Cougar’s Pawn, I had readers asking me when I was going to tell his story. For a long time, I couldn’t give an answer. I had things I needed to do in the series before trotting out those angels. Namely, I needed enough time to pass for Gulielmus to start redeeming himself. There needed to be a lot of stories in between what happened in Sons of Gulielmus and the angel collection. At least, that’s what made sense in my head.

That’s one of the reasons The Angel’s Fire is number eight in a series of nine. (Another is that I needed Tarik to look like…well, Tarik, on the cover. I talked about this a lot on Twitter. All of the Maria denizens are special to me, but a few are in a special league.)

And Lola…

Damn, Lola.

I don’t know what to say about her. I could probably write a novel about who she encounters during her lunchtime walk.

She’s…a lot. So I had to be as gentle with her as I could, even if up until this point, you wouldn’t think she’d have needed it.

I hope that as you read The Angel’s Fire, you’ll start to gather up all those threads I hid in previous stories. You’ll see what I was trying to do with the little town I built, and hopefully you’ll think I accomplished it.

The Angel’s Fire is currently exclusive to Amazon solely because the rest of the Mortonville to Maria collection also is. When their Kindle Unlimited terms expire, you’ll be able to get them all at Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Google Books, Kobo, and you’ll be able to request your library buy them for their Overdrive catalogs.

The paperback edition will be available in a couple of weeks!

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Learn more about the story here, and see the special series connection guide to help you spot easter eggs in the story!