Launching now in serial format: Wish out of Water

I’m excited to introduce a new series and story world to you! Wish out of Water is the first book in a paranormal romance series about three [messy] merfolk siblings, their “normal” brother, and the romantic interests Fate has put them on a collision course with.

Brook and [um, Prince] Cooper’s story is rolling out currently as a Kindle Vella serial. You can read the first three episodes now for free. Click the follow button to receive a notification every time a new installment is available.

Wish out of Water is a full-length romance, so you can expect there to be many installments going live through the end of this year. If you’re more of a delayed gratification kind of person and want to wait until all sections are available, you can hold out for the standard ebook edition. That will be a bit in the future, but you can count on it happening.

For now, Wish is exclusive to Vella, but I may make it available on other serial platforms like Radish if the demand is there.

You can expect new episodes to go live every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The pacing may increase a smidge as we head into fall so I can get the whole story out before the end of the year.

Wish out of Water thumbnail featuring a brown-skinned woman with thick, curly brown hair standing in front of a body of water.