Guess who’s back? (It’s Jason!)

cover of A Demon Found by Holley Trent has a man in a beige hoodie sweatshirt open at the chest. He stares toward the camera with bright blue eyes.The story (some of you) have long been waiting for!

Let me tell you a little backstory about A Demon Found.

The Sons of Gulielmus series was launched by Crimson Romance back in 2013/14 before the imprint was acquired by Simon & Schuster. Because the press was small and focused on digital content, it was extremely nimble at being able to get books out. Once I realized how quickly books were going to market, I knew there was no way I could let readers wait a year between stories. Somehow—and even today, I don’t know what I did to manage it—I got the entire series out in a couple of years, including two unplanned-for holiday novellas: A Demoness Matched and An Angel Fallen.

Crimson was in the process of getting the third and final “big book” out, and I wanted to do something to make these stories easier to find in Amazon. This is probably more than you wanted to know about the technical side of publishing, but keywords and categorization matter a lot in search engines. At the time, publishers couldn’t really “shelves” e-books the way they can now, and so books would just turn up in broad categories like Romance > General or Romance > Paranormal. Imagine looking for one a light gray sock in swimming pool filled with white socks. That’s what it was like.

I thought, “Hm. Nothing’s stopping me from writing a side story that I can publish myself with good keywords.”

So, that’s what I did. While trying to get A Demon in Love to market, I whipped out a novelette about who I thought would be a minor character. And guess what? People could actually find it! And that steered them to the other stories in the series.

And then, of course, Jason and Cam kind of became important, and people were asking me when I was going to do right by them. That’s a paraphrase, of course, but I understood what they were saying.

After Simon & Schuster folded the Crimson line and I got my rights reverted on the Sons of Gulielmus, Desert Guards, and Masters of Maria stories, I saw it as an opportunity to improve how the stories connected and flesh out some world-building details.

I’ll be honest. Crimson let me get away with a lot of shit. I wrote books that were far longer than they really wanted to acquire and that had subplots galore. They figured out they weren’t going to get category-style books out of me and kind of looked the other way. Still, I had to try to keep the external conflict stuff as tight as I could.

The Sons of Gulielmus relaunch has taken me the longest of the trio of series just because I wanted to go in, confirm some reader speculations of the story world as canon, and also, just let the characters loosen their buttons a little.

The new version of Jason and Cam’s story is about twice as long. It has the same plot, but the story flows more like a sexy carousel ride than a speedy tilt-a-whirl.

Here’s where you can get it:

Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Amazon AU
Apple Books
Barnes and Noble
Google Play

But, Holley—what if I already had the old version?

Okay, if you already have it on your device, I’m obviously not expecting you to pay for this version!

Some ebook retailers will let you manually update your ebooks to the author’s newest version. If you see a notification about the story when you open the device, that’s how you can get it!

I’m communicating with Amazon right now to possibly get the new version enabled for previous buyers. Because they don’t want readers to lose their notes and highlights, they have to be selective about replacing files. If they tell me yes, you’ll see the story update option in your content list. If they reject the request, basically, I’ll figure something else out for you.

Just shoot me a note in a week or two with a photo of the old version in your Kindle files, and I’ll send you a copy manually. Obviously, that’s not ideal as the story won’t be linked to the Sons of Gulielmus series in your account, but at least you’d have a complete collection.

Okay, this turned into a tome.

Happy Sunday, folks!