Now out in audio: The Viking Queen’s Men!

The Viking Queen's Men audiobook cover

I’m so excited that I’m actually smiling with teeth!

The Viking Queen’s Men is now available in both ebook and audiobook formats at Scribd. Em Eldridge narrates and does an amazing snarky, incredulous, world-weary Tess. (We all know the universe revolves around Tess. #shenanigans) Oh, and if you were worried—Eldridge is as eloquent in swearing as anyone in Tess’s inner circle. You know. Exactly the way I prefer my audiobook narrators.

Remember, The Viking Queen’s Men is the first story in the entwined Afótama Legacy, Hearth Motel, and Norseton Wolves series. It’s CONTEMPORARY-set paranormal romance (don’t let the title fool you) with a defiant psychic hot mess of a clan queen and the men who think they have to battle it out to be with her.

Let me know what you think!

(And maybe stay tuned for news about…other Norseton things?)