WATCHER, the Final Norseton Wolves novella, is out now!

I’m so thrilled I was able to keep my promise on this one! The past couple of years have made my new release launch plans pretty tenuous. Once Legacy was out, I think my brain resettled into its storytelling groove so I could get back into the rhythm of writing about magical things.

Cover for Norseton Wolves Book 10 Watcher by Holley Trent has a shirtless man draping cloth around his head. A silhouetted wolf is in the background in front of a dark desert horizon.

I am certain a lot of you thought this one was never coming. I looked at my backlist this morning and saw the last Norseton Wolves novella was FIVE YEARS AGO. I can’t believe it’s been that long. To be fair, I did say that this story couldn’t happen until The Afótama Legacy finished, and that just took longer than I expected.

Norseton Wolves was was supposed to be just one novella for a multi-author project, but that turned into four, and after that, I said, “Eh, one more for a holiday anthology.” Now we’re at Story 10. Typical Holley Trent ridiculousness, but I have no regrets.

Watcher is the story of the third Modesto sister, Leticia, and the Wolf lieutenant Jim. They go to Vegas to celebrate Mary and Andreas getting hitched, but then Leticia wakes up the next morning also married (…to Jim) and can’t remember a damn thing about any of it.

I think it may be the longest story in the collection, and it probably had to be. We do a bit of checking in on Wolves from previous stories and see who’s still drama-llamaing.

This is be the last story in the Norseton Wolves series, but of course, we never really say goodbye to our Norseton friends. They show up in connected series, and I can promise you that some of our howling friends will turn up at Simone & Heath’s place in the near future.

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