Starting Line

Starting Line in strong text
The Starting Line series is a quartet of novels set in small-town Edgar, North Carolina.

Although the stories are being released for the first time starting in 2022, they are actually some of the oldest in my trunk! I wrote almost four complete category-length novels early in my career hoping to pitch them to a line like American Romance. They weren’t quite right for that line because of the setting, they weren’t spicy enough for Desire, and they weren’t sweet enough for the largest category line. Kind of sad, because I really liked them! They were connected stories about four unlikely friends who find love where they’re not looking for it, and I adored those women and how they really showed up for each other.

I trunked the stories for all these years because I got more comfortable in my style and voice, and didn’t know if I wanted to take on full rewrites to make them fit the standard of readers have come to expect from me.

At the end of 2021, I realized that shining up these books doesn’t have to be an ordeal. I can massage them as time allows and release them in serialized chunks a few times a week. In less than six months, readers can get a full story, and I’ll have rescued one more series from the mothballs.

The first story in the series is Even Keel.