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Got me geeking: these male singers.

I’ve wanted to start a weekly-ish feature for quite a while to talk about the things I just can’t stop thinking about–the things that have me obsessing and trawling in internet for MORE. But, I’ve been kinda busy and blogging has taken the back-burner. I’m not caught up (not even a little bit) but I’ve Read more of this post »

Moving sucks eggs.

You know, the last time we moved, it was with the aid of the relocation company that hauled our asses from North Carolina to Colorado. They packed up our house in NC, put most of our junk in storage until we found a long-term rental in CO, and once we’d found a rental house, they Read more of this post »

RWA 2013 National Conference Recap (Sorta. More like a ramble.)

I feel like I’ve earned the privilege of wearing a T-shirt that reads “I survived RWA 2013 Nationals.” I’m POOPED, y’all. Since this was my first national conference, I didn’t know what to expect. Sure, I’d read recaps from last year and watched some YouTube videos but you don’t really get a feel for the Read more of this post »

“We are the world,” says my casts.

I don’t generally know what my casts are going to look like until I get into the meat of a book. The plots are like movies that play out in my mind, and when a new person comes on-screen, I’m seeing them for the first time. Sometimes, I’m sort of unclear about what a character Read more of this post »

I miss the boat.

I’m not firing on all cylinders right now. Had a fantastic cruise vacation in the Caribbean and came home to a foot of snow. Oh my God, Colorado. IT’S APRIL. Much more of this and I’ll be on the first thing smoking back to North Carolina, y’all. While I’m on the subject of humid places Read more of this post »

90% converted.

You know, when ebooks first started becoming the “thing” I was one of those Luddites who refused to buy into the technology. I wanted to hold books in my hands, dammit! I wanted to be the first to crack the spines and bend the pages back. Reading, for me, was a visceral experience wherein much Read more of this post »

Renaissance: Over.

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a renaissance woman. I like exploring new hobbies and becoming proficient at them. Some, I let fall off over time (like knitting). Others stick with me. I’m a pretty good cook. I grew up with my grandmother and we were usually pretty broke. Most of the time, what Read more of this post »

The f-word. (Filing!)

True story: back before I reinvented myself as a writer, I was an office flunkie. My very first job out of college was as the administrative assistant in an executive recruitment firm (later, I was the “administrative office manager” – that meant I was the lucky duck who put up signs in the bathrooms reminding Read more of this post »

Say ‘hello’ to Big Red.

My first car was cherry red 1990 Chevy Cavalier with manual transmission. It was used when I got it. I can’t say how used without giving my age away (that’s a carefully-guarded secret). I will say, however, that it was so used it was sold without warranty: “Sold As Is” the sticker said. Granny and Read more of this post »

I didn’t make that up.

If my granny knew I was telling you this, she’d crawl out of her grave and pinch the stars out of me. I’m gonna tell you anyway. I spent the vast majority of my childhood living with my maternal grandmother. That’s why grandmothers figure so prominently in so many of my stories. The two-parent/nuclear family Read more of this post »