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A li’l clean-up.

You know, the more books I write, the clearer my brand becomes to me. It’s taken me a while to hit my stride and figure out what my sweet spot is. You might have noticed that earlier this year, I swapped out my lovey-dovey Cardinals for the the hot pepper mouth on my main page. Read more of this post »

No fooling: Get the Shrews for a buck all month.

People in the publishing industry keep saying “paranormal is dead”–that the wave has crashed (thanks in no small part to Twilight, I imagine.). Bull. Paranormal’s not dead, although readers are probably more than willing to put a stake through the heart of the vampire trend. There’s a lot of paranormal world-building out there beyond bloodsuckers Read more of this post »

Shake Well’s price has been shaken!

Shake Well is the first novel-length book in the Natural Beauty series. I was going to make this book a permanent free read in early 2014, but I wanted to go ahead and scratch something off my to-do list. (Why, yes, it does have a new cover! As does the rest of the Natural Beauty Read more of this post »

I’m still blushing over this one.

Okay – confession time. Almost every book I’ve written has some sex in it, and I’ve written a lot of books, but at heart I’m a bit of a prude. What? Stop laughing! I totally am. I giggle through every sex scene I write, and editing the steamy stuff takes me three times as long Read more of this post »

Two Irishmen, a Russian, and a porn star walk into a bar…

Okay, that joke set-up is a bit of an exaggeration, but it all applies to Saint and Scholar. (To understand the porn star bit, you have to read chapter four.) Last week I said I’d explain why I titled the book Saint and Scholar. Well, it came after a lot of thought. The original title Read more of this post »

Hey, where’d Halle go?

Last year, I self-published a little holiday freebie featuring a tree salesman and a semi-indigent school photographer. See? It was just a little freebie I employed to give folks a taste of my voice. Well, as of today, it’s gone! *le sigh!* *gasp!* Nah. I pulled it today because I’m going to re-release it this Read more of this post »

Meet Ariel and John

Hey there. In the mood for some snark? Some fantasy? I’ve got just the book for ya. It’s available *today*. Yay! I’ve got to confess that A Demon in Waiting is the first book I wrote that scared me. Why? Well…in this book, I held back very little. When I wrote it, it was on Read more of this post »

I wrote a book and I liked it.

(Sing that to the tune of a certain Katy Perry song.) Release day! Yayyyyyyyyyy! Love by Premonition is my big, snarky, first-person paranormal thing. (If you can’t identify sarcasm in text, don’t buy this one.) Really, just like some of my other books, this book is rather difficult to categorize. It’s published under Musa’s Calliope Read more of this post »

Say ‘hello’ to Big Red.

My first car was cherry red 1990 Chevy Cavalier with manual transmission. It was used when I got it. I can’t say how used without giving my age away (that’s a carefully-guarded secret). I will say, however, that it was so used it was sold without warranty: “Sold As Is” the sticker said. Granny and Read more of this post »

Based *somewhat* on reality.

Did I ever tell you I worked in headhunting? Yeah. It’s where I got the inspiration for my short sexy romance Executive Decision. Now, let me be clear here: I didn’t do recruiting. That was a job for everyone else at the agency. I was the poor sucker who did everything else. It was often Read more of this post »