I love a bargain.

Cruising for book deals? Don’t feel bad. I do that, too. Sometimes when you’re desperate for a fresh read (and a checking account infusion), you don’t want to pay retail price for a book. That’s why I’m excited Crimson Romance has started rolling out its web store. Crimson books are generally priced at $4.99, but Read more of this post »

Alphas, alphas, everywhere…

You know, I have a hard time writing true alphas because they compete too much with my snarky heroines. Occasionally, though, one sneaks in under my author radar and I keep him ’cause sometimes, alphas are fun to torture. (What? You were thinking it.) I generally like my alpha males to be a bit broody, Read more of this post »

Spring Fling (contest closed)

Congratulations to the winners! Joleene and Tista, please check your e-mail regarding your prize. Yay, it’s spring! (Sort of. Forecast is still calling for flurries in some places. What’s up with that?) I think after the long, cold winter, we could all use a bit of cheering up. I’m doing my part to raise spirits Read more of this post »

No fooling: Get the Shrews for a buck all month.

People in the publishing industry keep saying “paranormal is dead”–that the wave has crashed (thanks in no small part to Twilight, I imagine.). Bull. Paranormal’s not dead, although readers are probably more than willing to put a stake through the heart of the vampire trend. There’s a lot of paranormal world-building out there beyond bloodsuckers Read more of this post »

It’s a sinfully good deal.

We’ve got something hot coming up in May: the release of the three new Den of Sin novellas. We’re giving everyone who hasn’t been introduced to the Den’s allures to catch up before our Bacchanal stories launch. The Seduced bundle contains Forbidden Rendezvous, Ménage à Troys, Wicked Surrender, and Redeeming the Amazon. We’re offering it Read more of this post »

Even better than Mardi Gras beads.

Mel Blue and I have put Den of Sin novellas 1 and 2 up for grabs in a 5-day giveaway. Enter to win those or great Gulf Coast stories from Sidney Bristol and Lyn Brittan. Enter! You just might get lucky. a Rafflecopter giveaway Giveaway ends March 6 at 12:00 AM EST. Open internationally. Warning: Read more of this post »

Chronicles from the Road I

I’m back in my home state of North Carolina for the first time since 2011. I feel…some kinda way about this. (If you’re not Southern enough to catch the implied meaning of that statement, basically it means something is throwing me off my axis, though I can’t figure out what.) Anyhow, I hope to get Read more of this post »

(Contest closed) Let’s See Your Boots!

Thanks for entering! A winner has been notified. (If you’re not sure if that’s you, see the name in the Rafflecopter widget below!) Great googly moogly, it feels like I’ve been running contest after contest, but I reckon it’s that time of year. It’s yucky outside and folks want to give stuff away. Speaking of Read more of this post »

Melting Hearts and Hopping for V-Day! (Contest ended)

Holiday romances are probably my favorite kinds of stories to right because revisiting them later in the year is so much fun. I’ve got a couple of New Year’s Eve stories, two set at Christmas, a Saint Patrick’s Day romance, and now a couple of Valentine’s Day stories. I think Valentine’s Day gives people permission Read more of this post »

Love is in the [Wyoming] air! (contest closed)

Tomorrow is the official release of Teaching the Cowboy – my most gigantic book to date. It’s snarky and sexy and I’ve been waiting for it to see the light of day since November 2012! If you’re a fan of dark humor, you’ll love this one. Here’s the summary: She’s a Carolina beauty queen, not Read more of this post »