Reading Romance

Got me geeking: these spec-fic romance series

Last week, I told you about the voices in my head ears. This week, I want to tell you about the books I read when I’m not writing. I’m a sucker for series, and here are a few that had me ignoring other VERY PRESSING obligations this year. These are all under the speculative fiction Read more of this post »

Is “broke” a trope?

You know, I’ve noticed a certain trend in my books. People tend to be kind of broke (and I mean financially strapped, and not brokeN). And it’s not exactly something I try to rescue them from. Most of the time, when they start off broke, they’re still pretty broke by the end. I’ve jokingly called Read more of this post »

Novel Engagement

Romance Writers of America has developed a romance book discovery app that’ll launch this month. If you like reading certain subgenres and tropes, you can use this tool to discover stories that fit them. The books in the database are all by subscribed RWA members, so you won’t find every book in it like Goodreads. Read more of this post »

Can we talk about multicultural romance?

So, I subscribed to RT Magazine because of this headline: I was so stoked. Multicultural and interracial romance (they’re not necessarily synonymous) are topics I discuss passionately, but generally in safe, private spaces. It’s hard to discuss multiculturalism without getting sidetracked by politics because issues are so inextricably intertwined. My worldview is colored by my Read more of this post »

Crazy-ass questions I asked Sofia Harper.

I warned Sofia that if she kept putting herself out there, I’d Anya Breton her. She said, “Bring it.” It’d already been broughten.* I asked some silly questions, and she ping-ponged the silly right back. Who said romance writers were stuffy? (No, really–who did?) Check out our off-the-cuff interview, and then keep reading for a Read more of this post »

Crazy-ass questions I asked Anya Breton.

If you engage me on Twitter, chances are pretty good I’ll either corrupt you in some way or be corrupted by you. Not saying that’s a bad thing. It’s all about give and take. Me and Anya Breton (she writes steamy paranormal romance and urban fantasy [such as The Only Sorceress which you see over Read more of this post »

The parody redressed!

My Sister in Snark L.V. Lewis has re-covered her interracial 50 Shades parody romance, and I’m stoked to be a part of the cover reveal. I think the last cover did the job, but this one really evokes the setting and sizzle so well. L.V. is celebrating by giving away some great prizes, so read Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Becky Flade and FATED SOULS

Full moon isn’t until next week, but I’ve got a furry, howling treat for you a bit early. Author Becky Flade has stopped by to do the 5 W’s about her newly-released paranormal romance Fated Souls. It released just this past Monday and already has some great reviews. So! Let me just step aside here Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Marci Boudreaux and THE MESSENGER

Hey! Y’all know Marci. I introduced you last year. She’s been keeping busy since the release of Unforgettable You and her saucy pseudonym Emilia Mancini’s The Rebound. Somehow, in between juggling 12 jobs and tending her family, she’s whipped another book into shape (I suspect she may have borrowed Hermione Granger’s time-turner). The Messenger is Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with MJ Schiller and Trapped Under Ice

MJ’s been a 5W victim before. She visited back in December and told us about her Crimson Romance release Taken by Storm. Now, she’s dipping a big toe into the self-publishing pond, and since I have a raft on it myself, I thought it was time she came back. I love hearing about how authors Read more of this post »