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I see a pattern here.

Yesterday I went to establish my medical care at a women’s health practice in Boulder and got measured for the first time in God-knows-how-long. “Sixty and a half,” the nurse said, scribbling my stats on her pad like it was no big deal. I bent over to put my sandals back on and was like, Read more of this post »

End of Month Round-up

Whew! This month has been grueling for some reason. Must be something about those months with 31 days to make you feel like you’re going through life in slow motion. Anyhow, here’s all the news that’s fit to print. 1. I’m going to Rom Con! Thank you to Jessica Aspen and the winner who couldn’t Read more of this post »

I’m a hothouse flower.

This is the time of year that my friends back in North Carolina start to complain about the stifling humidity settling in now. It’s thunderstorm season. I think they should keep their traps shut. I’M FREEZING here in the west. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. The temperature has been hovering around a daytime average of Read more of this post »

Why I’m so svelte…

It’s because I eat stuff like this: I shared my eastern NC barbecue recipe on the Musa Publishing blog today. If you discount the bun and the hushpuppies, it’s TOTALLY low-fat. And filling. And good for your sinuses.

On Past Employment and Drudgery

I’ve got a guest post up at fellow Musa Publishing author June Kramin’s blog today! Pop over and find out what type of coworker a much-younger Holley couldn’t tolerate.

I nod and smile a lot.

I’d like to make a little confession here. Just a wee li’l one. I’m not very social. *cue gasps* Don’t get me wrong–I’m cute and charming and all that (*flips hair*), but most of the time I’d rather sit quietly in a corner and watch what’s going on around me rather than proactively engaging people. Read more of this post »