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A-huntin’ you will go…

One of the main goals of Reading Until Dawn Con is to give our readers a chance to get silly and have fun with our authors. We’ve got a full schedule of games planned for October… but we thought it would be great to get the party started a little early. That’s right… some of Read more of this post »

I see a pattern here.

Yesterday I went to establish my medical care at a women’s health practice in Boulder and got measured for the first time in God-knows-how-long. “Sixty and a half,” the nurse said, scribbling my stats on her pad like it was no big deal. I bent over to put my sandals back on and was like, Read more of this post »

I’m a hothouse flower.

This is the time of year that my friends back in North Carolina start to complain about the stifling humidity settling in now. It’s thunderstorm season. I think they should keep their traps shut. I’M FREEZING here in the west. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. The temperature has been hovering around a daytime average of Read more of this post »

I nod and smile a lot.

I’d like to make a little confession here. Just a wee li’l one. I’m not very social. *cue gasps* Don’t get me wrong–I’m cute and charming and all that (*flips hair*), but most of the time I’d rather sit quietly in a corner and watch what’s going on around me rather than proactively engaging people. Read more of this post »