This started as a Facebook post, but like my books, it ran away from me.

Before I went to the RWA national conference, I teased on Facebook that I would talk about what I was working on when I got back. Since I had that project open and it was on my mind, I figured I’d make a post about it. Well, the post got too long for a quick, Read more of this post »

Teensy Weensy Teasie

Cover’s done for A Demon Found, but I won’t unleash that until the world until the day I publish the story. Hell, I haven’t even made a page for it on my website. (That’s half due to my desire to be mysterious and half attributable to laziness.) Still, here’s a teeny corner of it. The Read more of this post »

That one effin’ book with the jacked-up title…

So, last week I sat down and tried to work out the remaining story sequence for the Sons of Gulielmus world. Notice that I didn’t say “series order,” and that’s because I’m a pantser, not a plotter, and I let my worlds sprawl unfettered until I run out of characters to torture pair off. My Read more of this post »

Introducing Seth and Meg.

As I promised yesterday, I went and dug deep to find you Seth and Meg’s earliest sightings in the Hearts and Minds series. They both show up early in Saint and Scholar, though not together. Because that’s the “sweetest” book in the series, you won’t need to shield your screen for these. (I know. Boo.) Read more of this post »

Excerpt! (Not even close to rated PG.)

I’m running out of pithy post titles, sorry. As promised, I’m back today with a spicy excerpt. I put it into the handy scrolling box below so the naughty words aren’t IN-YO-FACE for those of you who are too young to be reading erotic romance (now would be the time for such people to engage Read more of this post »

Red hot (with plot) and ready for your e-reader!

I promised you this teaser would be audacious! But really, what did Seth expect she’d say after calling her a witch? (Share that sucker if you dare.) If you didn’t pre-order Seeing Red, you can grab it now at one of these places: All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iTunes | Read more of this post »

Reading from Seeing Red

Got in under the wire with this! I said I’d post it today, and I almost didn’t make it. The book excerpt starts at around three minutes in. There’s no sex in this one, but there are a couple of curse words that make it NSFW. Come back tomorrow, and I’ll have a teaser image Read more of this post »

The eagle has landed.

Okay. That’s overly dramatic. How about, “The arc has resolved!” The last book in the Emerald Springs Legacy released today. Remember that series? The small town romance continuity set in Washington State (specifically, the Skagit Valley)? I wrote the second book in it. This series feels like it’s been forever in the making, but it Read more of this post »

Where’d the fairy tale go?

You probably didn’t notice, but Last of the Season – my short freebie with the cursed motel owner and the big fucking fairy prince has been slowly retreating from third-party vendor sites. For the moment, it’s still available on my website as a PDF, but in case you stumbled onto it on Goodreads or something Read more of this post »

A teensy (non-PG 13) peek of A DEMON IN LOVE.

I’m going to let my erotic romance readers in on a little secret: most of my books have a bit of fog-your-eyeglasses sex. The language is toned down a bit, but you definitely know who’s doing what and how it’s making them feel. I tend to write steamy sex scenes in non-erotic romances, because I Read more of this post »