News, April Edition

I haven’t done a news round-up for a while, so hang on! Here’s what’s coming up: 1) The release of Seeing Red has been locked in at June 16 (it was originally slated to be a September book). If you’re sick of rock star romances, you’ll like this book. A very smarmy cockroach of one Read more of this post »

If you liked this, you’ll like that [probably].

All of my contemporary romances read a little bit differently depending on what kind of heroines I cast. They range from shy and sweet to ball-witheringly (it’s a word, I swear) snarky, so even within the same series, books may have slightly different tones. Now, while I think it’s a great idea for you to Read more of this post »

The Brownest Person in the Room

When I was revising Teaching the Cowboy before submitting back in 2012, I struggled with a few scenes. I worried they’d be offensive to people who don’t get my humor or who didn’t grow up in the sort of cultural climate that I did. At its heart, Teaching the Cowboy is a fish out of Read more of this post »

Reviewer Alert: Teaching the Cowboy

My February 7 book is at the starting line, waiting for release, and I’ve got PDF ARCs for reviewers. (If you’re not a reviewer, stay tuned – newsletter subscribers will have a chance to win a copy next month.) Here are some things you should know about Teaching the Cowboy (a.k.a. my list of content Read more of this post »

Climb aboard the edit-go-round!

As I hinted at last month, I have a “write fewer things” resolution for 2014. There are a few times in the past several weeks that I’ve been pushed to the verge of throwing the the towel. I thought, “If it’s going to be like THIS, I don’t wanna!” But then I’d force myself to Read more of this post »

Get ‘em before they’re gone!

If you’ve been waiting to buy Calculated Exposure or Saint and Scholar, grab them now because they’ll be unavailable during the Lyrical==>Kensington transition. I don’t know when they’ll be back up, so go on and grab ‘em if you can.

Big news from Lyrical Press

That definitely woke me up [and fast] on this Monday Thursday morning. KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP. AQUIRES DIGITAL PUBLISHING COMPANY LYRICAL PRESS NEW YORK, NY - Kensington Publishing Corp., one of the foremost commercial independent publishing houses in the United States, announced today that it has acquired the eBook publishing company Lyrical Press.  Beginning in January 2014, Lyrical Read more of this post »

Lessons learned for 2014 and H*ly shizz!

Ah. New Year’s Eve. A time for navel-gazing and oh so much cringing. 2013′s pulling to an end, and this has been a hell of a busy year. I released a total of 17 [HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I had to recount twice] stories, including two rights-reverted re-releases, and four novelettes I wrote for freebies. No Read more of this post »

Reviewers – how are your hearts?

Are they melting? No? I can fix that. I’ve got PDF advance reader copies of the Crimson Romance Valentine’s Day anthology Melt Your Heart in which my Sons of Gulielmus story A Demoness Matched is presented. Obviously, that’s a paranormal romance, but it’s a light one. Not too much angst, and only one dick joke Read more of this post »

Just in time for New Year’s, the Den is at full capacity!

The fourth story in the Den of Sin‘s New Year’s Eve quartet in now available! Redeeming the Amazon is L.V. Lewis‘s steamy novella about a former model forced to deal with her changed body image after losing an essential hallmark of her femininity. Grab it here for $1.49 trough 1/2: All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes Read more of this post »