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Some news about Sons of Gulielmus (and the sons of…Floyd?)

Demons Undone paranormal romance bundleIn case you missed it, the Sons of Gulielmus Demons Undone bundle containing A Demon in Waiting, A Demoness Matched, A Demon in Love, A Demon Bewitched, and An Angel Fallen, released last Monday. It’s a buck! (F’real.)

I would have blogged about it, but I was on a boat somewhere in the eastern Caribbean with no Internet access. I’m back in Colorado now where it’s a chilly 52 degrees with a itchy sunburn souvenir. (Still trying to figure out how I got sunburn right beneath my armpit.)

You might note that unlike some of the other Crimson Romance series bundles, Demons Undone doesn’t have “The Complete Series” or similar verbiage on the cover. That’s because…well…it’s not. It’s a complete arc, but the series itself is ongoing.

I just sent the contract in for more stories set in this world, so now’s the perfect time to tell you what to expect next.

Ellery Colvard Sons of Gulielmus<--Remember this chick from A Demon Bewitched? I can’t say much without being super-duper spoilerific for the folks still working through the demon arc, but she’s the heroine of the next book. She’s still a hot mess–don’t worry–but simply has a whole new set of problems. One of those problems is furry. And has a tail. And possibly purrs when he’s excited.

Just like in the Sons of Gulielmus arc, in this new set of stories–which I’m calling Desert Guards–I’ve got a trio of brothers. This time, they’re not half demons, but were-cougars. You’ll see those demon dudes popping in again, though. After all, they left a wee little mess at the end of A Demon Bewitched they didn’t know the repercussions of, and of course, what goes around comes around. You’ll see the impact in this new set of stories AND find out what I did to Gulielmus. (Oh, I’ve got something planned for him. I’ve just gotta work my way up to it. I can’t redeem an asshole of his caliber so quickly, now can I?)

I’ll have news about release dates and whatnot soon. If you subscribe to my paranormal romance newsletter, you’ll get an email telling you about my new books during their release weeks. I’ve got a bunch of spicy paranormal coming out between now and early fall, so let me do the remembering for you, ‘kay?


End-of-Month Roundup (3/15 edition)

Welcome to the end-of-month roundup! For the uninitiated, this is where I brain-dump all the stuff that’s going on (when I can remember). Whoosh.


Holley Trent Twitter1. I changed my Twitter avatar. I mention this only because I know how disorienting it can be to see unfamiliar profile images show up in my profile. Makes me do a double-take, like “Wut?”

I’d tell you the back story behind that picture, but it’s more [for me] to let you ponder. I will say that if you have a sudden impulse to watch the “Uptown Funk” video, you shouldn’t try to suppress it.


Seeing Red erotic contemporary romance by Holley Trent2. Looks like Seeing Red is free at some places. I don’t know for how long, so grab it where you can get it. Surprise!

You don’t have to read the Hearts and Minds books in order. Each stands alone. There’s no background plot carrying over like in my other series, BUT the characters do all show up in each others’ books. Just in case you like that sort of thing.

Get Seeing Red here:
Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks


Demons Undone paranormal romance bundle3. Here’s that extra-secret coming soon I’ve been hinting at for months. That’s right! All of my Sons of Gulielmus stories published through Crimson Romance will be available in the limited time Demons Undone bundle on April 13…and it’s priced at less than a buck. I won’t do the math to tell you how much you’ll save by buying it that way, but suffice it to say buying them at full price would cause a pretty substantial dent to your book budget.

As of right now, the bundle is available for preorder at these places:
Amazon | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo

Order it now so you’ll have a bunch of sexy, foul-mouthed paranormal anti-heroes on your e-reader when you wake up on the 13th. I’ll update to add links to other vendors as soon as I have them.


4. In case you missed it on Thursday, the newest batch of RWA RITA and Golden Heart award finalists are listed here.

Congratulations to all the talented authors advances to the next round, and a HUGE, hearty pat on the back for everyone brave enough to even toss their work into the fray. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t read any of the books on the finalist list (look–I read a lot of fringe stuff, okay?), but I plan to rectify that soon with those paranormals and e-roms.


5. If you’ve finished The Chieftain’s Daughter, you’re likely wondering “WTF is up with the fairies?”

Welp. You’ll find out in Prince in Leather, which’ll be out on June 1. It’s Heath’s story, and I assure you he’s as lovably smarmy as he is the the Afótama books. PiL will be out in a boxed set, but will also be available as an individual release. I can’t share either cover yet, but I can give you a hint of what Heath looks like. Ready?

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.22.27 PM

That’s all I can give you. Sorry. :D Take my word for it–Fiona Jayde did a fabulous job on the cover.

Stay tuned for more details about the story’s launch and to find out how to get an advance reader copy.


Reedsville Roosters Den of Sin Holley Trent6. The next season of the Den of Sin series is coming this July. Well, late June in my case. We’ll be announcing the new theme–double theme, actually–soon, but I can give you a little tease as to what my story’s like.

-It’ll pick up the Reedsville Minor League baseball team thread (that started at the end of O for Two and continues in Winterball)

-It’ll be an MMF ménage.

-It’s a novel–the first in the Den world.

Oh! And Speaking of The Den, I’m putting out a bundle in May. I’ll share the title in the weeks to come, but it’ll contain all of my current M/M and MMF Den stories, PLUS a never-before-seen novella that ties in to my Storafalt world. That novella will be exclusive to the bundle for a few weeks, so if you’ve already purchased the other stories on their own, you’ll have a chance to get the novella as a single release in June. I’ll tell you the title of that soon, too.


I think that’s it for March! I hope I’ll have some news about the couple of series I have on submission in my next update.


While you wait for cowboys, get Kilted for Pleasure.

Kilted for Pleasure
I’ve got a visitor! I know, I know. It doesn’t happen often, and for the same reason I don’t host very many play plates at my house. I’d need to clean first. Right now, my blog is about as messy as my house due to neglect. I just pile things up swearing I’ll get to them later, and then…well. You know. Forgive me?

My co-Den author and fellow snarkstress Mel Blue has a new contemporary release that should sate you until my next new non-paranormal release…which will probably be May. *cringe* Y’all know how much I like heroes with accents, and you’ve got to admit few sounds will hit you in your swoon receptors like a Scottish brogue.

Alas, Kilted for Pleasure isn’t available in audiobook format yet, but you can use your imagination. Just imagine a deep, Scottish voice narrating that excerpt as you read, and when you’re done, scroll down and enter Mel’s giveaway! (It ends soon, so don’t stall.)


Kilted for Pleasure IR contemporary romance Mel BlueCallan Baird used to laugh more than he frowned, but that was before his wife died. Now his life is duty, debts and a general apathy for anything else. And then Victoria Burke burst into his life. She’s everything he wants to corrupt.

Victoria has two choices: agree to a grouchy, sexy Scotsman’s extortion or call her boss to explain why she can’t do her job. Since she’s spent the last three years rebuilding her career as antique appraiser, and this one commission could make or break it, the decision is a no-brainer. Except everything about Callan is complicated.

He sees no problem turning their work relationship into a sexual one. She refuses to break her boss’ no-fraternization rule. He’s the one thing she wants and the one thing she can’t have. He’s had his one great love, and doesn’t want a replacement. His heart doesn’t agree, because she’s everything he desires.

Callan will have to let go of his past if he wants Victoria to be in his future.

From Kilted for Pleasure

“Someone told me recently there are always strings attached when dealing with a Baird.”

He wished he could like her less for throwing his words back at him. Callan inhaled and let his attention wander away from her intense stare. The sky had darkened and that promised a harder rain than a drizzle. Normally, he’d have welcomed it, but not when the soft sunlight almost turned her eyes amber.

This entire situation would be better if he could just not like her. “I’d break your heart before I’d ask you to give your everything to me. Your work is your everything. That much is obvious. The truth is, I don’t want to want you.”

Surprised lifted her brows for a second. She jerked her hands from her pockets and motioned between them. “I’ve noticed you keep getting closer despite that.”

He blanked his expression. “I don’t want you to wonder about size.”

She glanced down and scoffed. “About four inches between us. After all your big talk, I expected to find out why Scottish men wear kilts. Can’t fit it all in pants, can they?”

Amazed that she could make him blush, all he could do was shake his head. “You are a Scot at heart. You dirty-mouthed lass.”

“Bollocks.” Her dimple deepened.

Instinct propelled his movements, just bypassed his brain and signaled his body. He grabbed her and dragged her up against him, to his mouth. Claim her. Even before he’d known the true taste of grief—bitter and unyielding, unending—he’d never wanted to make a woman his, but Victoria…

Callan wanted to taste what made her different, let it sink into his bones and make a home. He wanted to lay claim to that part of her and do with it what he willed. He teetered on the edge of taking her on his uncle’s porch. Kissing her was giving in to the need that rushed through his veins.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and sank into his embrace with a moan. At her submission, Callan lost what was left of his common sense. He turned, pushed her against the door and let the need take over. He cupped one full cheek of her arse and pressed her against his cock. There. She could feel every inch.


About Melissa Blue

Melissa Blue’s writing career started on a typewriter one month after her son was born. This would have been an idyllic situation for a writer if it had been 1985, not 2004. Eventually she upgraded to a computer. She’s still typing away on the same computer, making imaginary people fall in love.

Where to find her online:


Buy Kilted for Pleasure Here

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble | iTunes | Kobo | ARe | Smashwords


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Sure to make you clutch your pearls: The Chieftain’s Daughter is available now.

(I figured I should be upfront about that.)
Afotama Legacy logo erotic paranormal romance series
The Chieftains Daughter mmf paranormal romanceThere aren’t any bar or garage brawls in TCD like there were in The Viking Queen’s Men, but there are numerous references to the entertainment value of porn (I needed a new running gag). Oh! And I introduce a new villain who you’ll see again. Soon. *clears throat*

As I’ve stated several times before, TCD is basically TVQM part II. You can read them separately and they stand alone well enough, but they’re two books about the same trio…just different configurations of it. TCD is MMF, which means the triangle is closed on all sides. (Everyone touches.)

You can get it at one of these fine ebook retailers:

All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo | Scribd


I don’t even know what this is.

I hate working on second drafts. Even when I manage to write books that nail the story arc on the first try (rare), there still manages to be a lot of…WTFery to clean up.

What does this even mean? What the hell are they doing? (These are NOT acrobats, I assure you.)


Forehead-furrowing passages like this are a consequence of being a fast typist, I guess. Sometimes my fingers get ahead of my brain. And because I’m a fast-drafter, I don’t tinker with anything while getting the plot down. I don’t massage each sentence and paragraph in that first draft. I write at an aggressive pace to get the story “bones” down and don’t look back until it’s time to put some flesh on them. I write that way because the longer I work on a story, the higher the likelihood I’ll introduce plot holes. I’m a pantser who writes books with lots of external conflict. I’ve got to get the story down fast or I’ll lose the pulse and forget who did what and why.

If you think that one was bad, you should see the first drafts of some of my sex scenes. People always seem to have more hands than they were born with.


Teaching the Cowboy will be back…


God, I hate having to bust up my own schedule. *sigh* Bear with me.

Teaching the Cowboy bwwm romance by Holley TrentIf you’ve been hanging in with me for a while, you’ll recall that when I started submitting works to publishers, I wasn’t strictly a romance author. I wrote chick-lit and romantic comedies. I wrote stuff that crossed genre lines a bit, and Teaching the Cowboy was one of those books.

I don’t know how to categorize it, really. It’s got a romance element (three, actually), but as one of my author buddies recently said, it’s kind of a funky Lifetime/Hallmark movie but in print. It’s a saga with some romance threaded in–not women’s fiction (AT ALL, BECAUSE LOLOLOLOL, the evil character snark!), but…romantic fiction. I guess. Hell. I don’t know.

I wanna fix that, because, well, I write romances now. I sat down to do some very basic clean-up so I could get the book back out this month, but being a couple of years distanced from the project, I see it through a different editorial lens now. I’ve been working on it during downtime during the past week or so, and added a lot of words in that time (and removed a lot, too).

The background plot will still be the same. The characters’ personalities won’t change. You’ll know more about what they’re thinking and feeling and more about how their personal histories impact their behaviors.

So! Look for it May 19. It’s a massive book and I’m not going to rush to get it back out before then. The preorder link will be going up soon in case you missed the book the first time it was available. It’ll be a reasonable $2.99, which is a nice little discount from the former $4.99 pricing.

If you want some sexy cowboy-town snark to hold you over, my novelette Back to Storafalt is widely available now, and it’s only 99¢.

All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Google Play | iBooks | Smashwords


Some news regarding my Musa Publishing backlist.

Hi, folks.

I learned some sad news this morning. Musa Publishing–one of the first houses to take a chance on the sassy, funky kind of romance I write–is going out of business at the end of the month. After four tough years in this changing publishing climate, its owners had to make some hard decisions about the company’s future. They’re releasing their entire catalog back to the authors at the end of this month.

What does that mean? Well, it means that all Musa titles will be pulled from e-book vendors very soon after February 28.

What does that mean for me personally?

Short answer: that’s complicated.

Long answer: Some books I may not re-release because of the changes I’ve made to my style and brand in the past three years. That may include Executive Decision and Her Resident Jester. I may at some point rewrite them, but I can’t see that on the horizon right now.

Teaching the Cowboy bwwm romance by Holley TrentSome books I’ll try to get back out under new covers as soon as possible. That includes Teaching the Cowboy and Back to Storafalt as those are part of an ongoing series and I really love the characters in that world. Being able to self-publish those stories means I can do some creative things with branding and issue stories at my own pace (which is faster than most publishers can accommodate). I know some of you have been waiting for Phil and Landon’s story–well, that just moved a little higher up my writing queue. I had pushed it down for a number of reasons (partially because my M/M and M/F readership doesn’t overlap a whole lot), but issuing these stories on my own means I can publish that story and the next in the timeline–Cord’s–at about the same time. You may even see some of my Storafalters crossing over into the Den of Sin world.

Love by Premonition by Holley TrentSome books I’ll sit on for a while and re-release when I have a lull in my schedule. That includes Love by Premonition and Mrs. Roth’s Merry Christmas. Those two need some tweaks to fit in with the books more typical of what I write. I hope to have them both back by the end of the year, but I can’t make guarantees. I am absolutely committed to re-releasing them. I just don’t want to underestimate how much time it’ll take me to rework them. (This is my chance to finally get Neil and Marcia into the bedroom. When I wrote Love by Premonition, I wasn’t confident in writing sex scenes. Obviously, that has sooooooo changed.)

In the lead-up to the company’s closure, all Musa Publishing e-books are 80% at their website. You can get my entire backlist published there for under $4. You can download epub, mobi, and PDF files there–you just need to be able to side-load them to your device. (Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do that.) Grab these stories now, because it may be your last chance.

I’m hoping this change is just a stepping stone to bigger things for everyone involved. I’ve met some great folks during my time publishing with Musa, and I’ll always be grateful I was able to groom my author voice there.

Well. Onward!


In Case You Missed It (cheap books and expiring deals)

If you’ve already caught this news, please excuse the repeat! My readers connect with me through wildly different platforms, and I try to cover all my bases so I don’t miss anyone.
Seeing Red erotic contemporary romance by Holley TrentMy erotic contemporary romance Seeing Red is 99¢ at select ebook retailers right now. I’m not certain how long that’ll last, but get it here:

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks

The Hearts and Minds books do NOT need to be read in order, but the characters do show up in each other’s books, so you might want to go back and read the others so you understand all the long-running jokes.

(By the way, the hero and heroine of the fourth H &M book [coming in October] are introduced in Seeing Red.)

Following Fabian by Holley TrentFollowing Fabian is now available to purchase. If you preordered it, it should have showed up in your e-reader yesterday.

I did note that there was some funky stuff in the Kindle version’s table of content’s drop-down yesterday. It doesn’t affect readability at all, but it was annoying enough to make me load a new version. If you happen to have the version where Chapter Three and Chapter Twelve have some extra info in the menu drop-down, I’m sorry. (This is something that probably bothers me more than it bothers you.)

Buy Following Fabian here:

All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Google Play | iBooks

Let it Snow erotic romance box setThe Let it Snow winter erotic romance anthology ebook version will go POOF! after 2/28. The paperback edition will be available indefinitely, but if you want the digital format, grab it soon. Let it Snow contains my Den of Sin novella Three Strikes, which sold on its own costs $2.99.

Get Let it Snow here:

All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks | Kobo

extraordinary love paranormal romance boxed setThe Extraordinary Love bundle will also disappear at the end of the month. It contains nine of Crimson Romance’s paranormal romances, including the first installment of my Sons of Gulielmus series–A Demon in Waiting.

Get it here for less than a buck:

Adams Media Store | All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks | Kobo



I’m in a glut. I’m working on four projects at different stages at once.

This happens every so often. It’s sort of a perfect storm. A mass of trails converging. A bottleneck of epic proportions. By Thursday, the storm will let up and I’ll be twiddling my thumbs a lot more, but as of right now, my daily to-do list is cluttered with line items.

-I’m in month 2 of writing the first book in my erotic sci-fi romance series. I’ve written ahead enough that I only need 1300 words/day through the end of the month. I’m hoping to have that out of my mailbox by 3/31. For books over 60,000 words, I allot two months of writing. That may mean I’m writing 1,000 words/day or 1,600. Just depends on projected length. I know what my sustainable pace is and I try to stay well below that.

-I’m in month 1 of the Last of the Season reboot. The first week was copying, pasting, and revising the content from the retired novelette. Everything from today going forward through 80,000 words will be new content. Shooting for around 1300 words/day on that one, too.

-I’m working through content edits on The Chieftain’s Daughter, which I’ll probably release mid-March. I’m taking those more slowly than usual so as not to burn out my editor (’cause the books I send her get longer and longer). I figure out how much to work through each day by picking a date to send it back and dividing the word count by the number of days.

-I’m making second draft tweaks on the first Desert Guards book and am hoping to get that submitted by the end of the month. Fingers crossed that I fix most the world-building holes in the second draft and don’t make such a mess that I end up needing a fourth draft. I’m working on the second draft 20% per day over the course of five days. It’s a shorter book–around 56k–and I try to complete second drafts fast enough that I don’t forget important details, but slowly enough that I can convincingly weave in all that emotional stuff with the sex and action.

I try to never have two projects in the exact same stage. Too much of one thing stokes burnout, so I diversify the tasks on my schedule to prevent it.

(In case you’re wondering, in total, the tasks on my list require between four and six hours of ass-in-chair time. It all depends on the types of scenes I’m writing and whether or not what I’m editing needs actual rewording or just reading.)


The Emerald Springs Legacy is now available as a boxed set!

Last week, I told you not to buy Colleen’s Choice on its own, and here’s why:
small town romance boxed set
The ESL collection is available for a limited time in a 5-novel + 1-short story bundle. You can read all of the stories back-to-back for less than a buck. (For some reason, Amazon is selling it at a sickeningly low 78¢ right now. I don’t try to understand it. [Can we really understand anything? *insert confused-Jayden-Smith meme here*])

This continuity series is small town romance with a sexy, modern, tea-infused kick, and there’s just enough snark to keep it from feeling like a soap opera. (Not that there’s anything wrong with soap operas. After all, I did get my flair for drama from somewhere.)

Ready to read? Get the ebook bundle at one of these places:

Adams Media Store | All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo |