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Get Ménage à Troys for just 99¢ in the MIDNIGHT SEDUCTIONS collection!

Midnight Seductions We’re approaching the two-year anniversary of the Den of Sin series. To celebrate the first season’s New Year’s Eve novellas, we’ve re-bundled them into the Amazon-exclusive Midnight Seductions collection.

In addition to my MMF ménage romance, there are stories from Mel Blue, Ambrielle Kirk, and L. V. Lewis that are hot enough to clutch your pearls.

If you’re not familiar with the Den of Sin series, it’s a multi-author shared world series set in New Orleans’ [fictional] Hotel Beaudelaire. Each story stands alone, but some of the characters appear in the background of other stories. In fact, the heroine of Mel Blue’s Forbidden Rendezvous is the hotel’s manager. She’s the butt of a joke or two in my stories. 😉

Get Midnight Seductions here at Amazon for 99¢. (Kindle Unlimited subscribers–grab it!)


Two bears, a cat, and a couple of circus freaks.

You may have already noticed that I’ve been swapping out the covers for the Shrew & Company series one at a time. Well, the first five–that includes the upcoming Eric’s Edge–are done!
Shrew and Company new covers
I really dig them, and the look definitely fits the tone of the series going forward (yes, there’ll be more books after number five).

You might also notice something else different about book one: I changed the title. The Problem with Paddy didn’t fit the naming convention I established in the following four stories, and I wanted to update it before I got much further into the series.

The first four stories are currently exclusive to Amazon. Book five will be available at all retailers when it releases in December. If you need to catch up on the other stories, they’ll be widely available again in January. You can read the stories out of order, but you better understand the Shrew dynamics if you follow the chronology.

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New today: a collection of 10 diverse romances (including MY NORA)!

Romance in Color collection
cover for My Nora by Holley TrentIf you’ve been waiting on a deal for my 2012 contemporary romance My Nora, now you can get it in the Romance in Color bundle with nine other stories for just 99¢.

Purchased individually, the stories in this bundle would cost you between $40 and $50. This collection will be available for a limited time, so grab it now and read you way through the Thanksgiving holiday!

Buy the collection now at one of these e-book retailers:

All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo


Available today – 2 paranormal and shifter holiday collections that’ll jingle your bells.

The limited-time Sugar, Spice, and Shifters and Naughty, Nice, and Paranormal collections are both available to purchase now!

SS&S contains Maker: an all-new Norseton Wolves novella that’ll be exclusive to the set for a little while. NN&P contains a totally revised new edition of my sexy Santa story that was first released by a former publisher. Unwrapping Mr. Roth is a side story set in the same world as my Hearth Motel and Afótama Legacy stories.

Links below!

shifter holiday paranormal romance
Barnes and Noble
Naughty Nice and Paranormal holiday PNR box set

GIFT FROM CAROLINA is free for a limited time!

And I almost forgot to tell you. Forgive me?
Gift from Carolina contemporary IR romance bwwm Holley Trent
This holiday installment of the Storafalt Stories series is free through Monday, November 16. Gift from Carolina is third in the series chronology, but like the other stories, you can read it as a stand-alone.

Get it at Amazon.


The 3rd Desert Guards shifter romance is available now!

shapeshifter romance cat shifterThe Foye train is rolling fast, y’all. That’s three brothers since July, and I’m not done yet! Little sister’s got a story, too. (More on that soon.)

The Cougar’s Bargain is Sean and Hannah’s story. That’s pretty much all I can say without introducing series spoilers for the folks who haven’t read the first two books yet.

You can grab the e-book at one of these places:

All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble
Google Play | iBooks | Kobo

See the series order–including all the Sons of Gulielmus stories–on this page.

Want to take a peek?

There’s an excerpt from chapter two at Crimson Romance’s site.

For a hotter tease, check out this saucy scene at the RT Book Reviews Blog.


Snarkology Hop: Some Goddesses for Your e-Bucket

Snarkology Halloween Hop graphic

Welcome to the hop! If you’re new here, I’m Holley Trent and I write mostly paranormal romances of the extra-sensual sort. Every now and then I’ll write a contemporary, but the vast majority of folks seem to prefer if I stay in my paranormal lane. Want to receive an email whenever I’ve got a new paranormal romance or have a GREAT sale on one? Subscribe to my newsletter!

The world-building in my paranormal romances is contingent on multiculturalism. That is to say, I can’t blend casts without absorbing bits and pieces from a large number of cultures. ir shapeshifter romance bwwmAnd because of that, I have to assume that in those worlds, the countless gods and other supernatural things from every culture all exist in one sphere where they can interact–if they choose to–and meddle with each other’s followers.

So, it’s conceivable that a fallen angel from one faith can be a client of an undercover Slavic wind goddess from another old religion…and that both of them can be acquaintances with an ancient elf. And also a secretive Mexican goddess who likes babies and big cats.

I make these powerful entities cross paths in my Sons of Gulielmus/Desert Guards world, and muddle them in a different way in the universe that contains my Afótama Legacy/Hearth Motel/Desert Guards stories.

If people are going to mix, the entities that pull the strings behind the scenes should, too, right?

Now, it may be the season of tricking and treating, but this week, I’ve only got treats for you!

Here are some free and almost-free paranormal romances for you to stuff your treat bucket e-reader with.

From Sons of Gulielmus & Desert Guards:

A Demon Found by Holley Trent
The novelette A Demon Found is free everywhere. Grab it to meet the fallen angel Gulielmus, and then to find out what the goddess La Bella Dama is up to, buy the first Desert Guards book The Cougar’s Pawn. (You’ll want to know who Gulielmus is before you read it.) It’s discounted to 99¢ for a limited time at major ebook retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks.

Loner by Holley Trent cover

From Norseton:

I’m offering one of my wolf shifter novellas–Loner–for free during this hop so you can see how a nameless goddess meddles in the affairs of some wolves who play bodyguards to Vikings, but you’ve got to grab it from instaFreebie.

To learn more about the world the Norseton Wolves stories are set in, check out the Afótama Legacy page.

Just getting started with the hop? Make sure you visit the form and enter for a chance to win:
(1) $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

When you’re done entering, follow the hop for more fun, great books, and awesome prizes.


On the Ropes – the last Hearts and Minds novel is available now!

On the Ropes bwwm romance Holley Trent

First things first, you can buy it at one of these places:

°All Romance eBooks
°Barnes and Noble
°Google Play

On the Ropes is Stephen and Jan’s story. If you read Seeing Red, you met Jan briefly at the resort. This story is set about a year after Seth and Meg’s wedding.

Each Hearts and Minds story can be read on its own, but you should know that: 1) most characters are introduced in the first book—Saint and Scholar—and 2) the books get increasingly hotter as the series goes on.

Some of you have been waiting over a year to see what kind of trouble Stephen gets himself into, and I hope he doesn’t disappoint. 😀


Shrew, Norseton, and SoG updates

I always forget to tell readers stuff when it happens because I don’t think stuff is important, but…you know. Hindsight. Here are some paranormal romance updates you might be interested in.

Sweet baby Thor, I’m re-covering Shrew & Company.

It was time. Say hello (again) to the acrobat Fabian Castillo:
Following Fabian Shrew and Company paranormal romance cover
I decided to bite the bullet in advance of Eric’s Edge (coming December), which is actually the first one Fiona Jayde created for me with the sexy new look:
paranormal shapeshifter romance
I’m moving backward through the series, and Fiona is working on the cover for Bryan’s Betrayal right now. I hope to have Framing Felipe and The Problem with Paddy re-covered by the end of 2015, as well.

So–same series. Same Shrewy goodness. Different look.

If you’ve been looking for Shrew & Company books at your favorite e-retailer and haven’t been able to find them–my apologies. Because of a box set commitment with The Problem with Paddy that required Amazon exclusivity, the first four books are all exclusive to Kindle for the moment. That may change next week or it may change in January. I can make books 2, 3, and 4 widely available again in time for the release of Eric’s Edge but I’m on the fence. I need to give this just a smidge more thought.

Norseton Stuff

-For those of you who’ve been waiting, two Norseton Wolves novellas–Loner and Idler–are now available everywhere.
werewolf romanceshapeshifter romance
Scion will be widely available on November 12, and Beast on November 26.

-A NEW Norseton Wolves novella called Maker will launch in a holiday boxed set in November. That will be available everywhere, and I’ll also be releasing all five novellas in an omnibus in December. That won’t be the end of the Norseton Wolves storyline–just an encapsulation of all the stories set in the part of the greater Afótama/Norseton timeline.

-Speaking of other folks in Norseton, I’m staring Nadia, Thom, and Jeff’s book next month, and am eyeing March for release. It may come sooner. A lot depends on whether I write the whole thing next month or if it bleeds into December. It’s going to be a big book, and I want to make sure my editor has plenty of time to massage it. So. No promises. (And in that vein, look for the next Hearth book about a month later.)

A Sons of Gulielmus Poke

If you haven’t grabbed the Demons Undone bundle yet for 99¢ (or less), you should do that now.
Demons Undone paranormal romance bundle
I’ve worked it out with my publisher so that the bundle isn’t going away (it was meant to be limited time), but will remain available in perpetuity for folks who want to read the early books set in that world. It’ll just be priced higher. It’ll be $5 after this month, which is still a hell of a deal for three novels and two novellas, but…you know. Get it now for cheap.

In case you’re new to HolleyLand, these stories are set in the same world as my Desert Guards series. They’re set one year before The Cougar’s Pawn and have some characters that appear in Desert Guards. Some of them will be VERY important in Desert Guards 4.


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Pumpkin Patch 2015
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