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Shrew, Norseton, and SoG updates

I always forget to tell readers stuff when it happens because I don’t think stuff is important, but…you know. Hindsight. Here are some paranormal romance updates you might be interested in.

Sweet baby Thor, I’m re-covering Shrew & Company.

It was time. Say hello (again) to the acrobat Fabian Castillo:
Following Fabian Shrew and Company paranormal romance cover
I decided to bite the bullet in advance of Eric’s Edge (coming December), which is actually the first one Fiona Jayde created for me with the sexy new look:
paranormal shapeshifter romance
I’m moving backward through the series, and Fiona is working on the cover for Bryan’s Betrayal right now. I hope to have Framing Felipe and The Problem with Paddy re-covered by the end of 2015, as well.

So–same series. Same Shrewy goodness. Different look.

If you’ve been looking for Shrew & Company books at your favorite e-retailer and haven’t been able to find them–my apologies. Because of a box set commitment with The Problem with Paddy that required Amazon exclusivity, the first four books are all exclusive to Kindle for the moment. That may change next week or it may change in January. I can make books 2, 3, and 4 widely available again in time for the release of Eric’s Edge but I’m on the fence. I need to give this just a smidge more thought.

Norseton Stuff

-For those of you who’ve been waiting, two Norseton Wolves novellas–Loner and Idler–are now available everywhere.
werewolf romanceshapeshifter romance
Scion will be widely available on November 12, and Beast on November 26.

-A NEW Norseton Wolves novella called Maker will launch in a holiday boxed set in November. That will be available everywhere, and I’ll also be releasing all five novellas in an omnibus in December. That won’t be the end of the Norseton Wolves storyline–just an encapsulation of all the stories set in the part of the greater Afótama/Norseton timeline.

-Speaking of other folks in Norseton, I’m staring Nadia, Thom, and Jeff’s book next month, and am eyeing March for release. It may come sooner. A lot depends on whether I write the whole thing next month or if it bleeds into December. It’s going to be a big book, and I want to make sure my editor has plenty of time to massage it. So. No promises. (And in that vein, look for the next Hearth book about a month later.)

A Sons of Gulielmus Poke

If you haven’t grabbed the Demons Undone bundle yet for 99¢ (or less), you should do that now.
Demons Undone paranormal romance bundle
I’ve worked it out with my publisher so that the bundle isn’t going away (it was meant to be limited time), but will remain available in perpetuity for folks who want to read the early books set in that world. It’ll just be priced higher. It’ll be $5 after this month, which is still a hell of a deal for three novels and two novellas, but…you know. Get it now for cheap.

In case you’re new to HolleyLand, these stories are set in the same world as my Desert Guards series. They’re set one year before The Cougar’s Pawn and have some characters that appear in Desert Guards. Some of them will be VERY important in Desert Guards 4.


Enter to win gift cards and more!

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Pumpkin Patch 2015
If you’ve subscribed to my PNR newsletter, you’ve already got an easy entry. 😀

The contest is open all October long, but don’t delay. If you’re like me, you’ll tell yourself you’ll get back to it and then you’ll remember on November 3rd that you were supposed to do something. <_<


Hide Your Virgins (Again): Vikings Untamed is Available Now!

Viking themed paranormal romance box set
The next installment of The Afótama LegacyViking’s Pride–is now available EXCLUSIVELY in the Vikings Untamed bundle.

This collection features seven extra-spicy Viking-themed paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction romances from Kate Pearce, Anne Marsh, Crystal Jordan, Dana Hart, Sela Carsen, Zoe York, and me (yay!)–many of which continue series which were featured in last year’s Vikings Unleashed collection.

Get the bundle for just 99¢ through this Thursday (September 24) at one of these ebook retailers:

Amazon * Barnes and Noble * iBooks * Kobo


Available now: SUPERNATURAL SEDUCTION: 5 Paranormal Novellas

Check out this bundle of five short romance “bites” that includes two of my Sons of Gulielmus novellas!

It’s always sexier in the dark—just ask these spirits that go bump in the night. You’ll shiver with delight at what these couples discover under the sheets in five short, romantic tales that will make you believe in love at first light.
paranormal romance short stories

Buy it here for just 99¢:

But before you click: you may already have my stories, as they were also included in the Demons Undone bundle. Buy it anyway for the stories by Bea Moon, Sharon Clare, and Susan Blexrud.

All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo


Free short reads available now!

First up – Jackie at Literary Escapism hosted me on her blog today. I wrote an exclusive short story set in the Sons of Gulielmus/Desert Guards world. It features Clarissa and Agatha playing a special game.
Go read it! It’ll take you less than five minutes.

WARNING: it does contain a spoiler. In terms of chronology, the story is set between books 2 and 3 of Desert Guards, but if you haven’t read the Sons of Gulielmus arc, the story gives away some things that are revealed in A Demon Bewitched. If you started Desert Guards and went back to Sons of Gulielmus after that, you’ve already been spoiled on some things anyway.

My “What Happens in Vegas…” sweet male/male romance short story is now available for download via instaFreebie for those of you who wanted a format that renders well in e-reader devices.
free m/m romance short story
Claim your copy now.

This is a stand-alone short story with brand new characters, so don’t worry about getting lost in an existing world.

Almost forgot!

shapeshifter romance anthologyThe First Bite anthology that contains my Norseton Wolves novella Beast will be retired on Tuesday, so we’ve made it free for its last five days.

Grab it now from Amazon.

(And for the handful of you who’ve been waiting patiently to buy the Norseton Wolves stories at other sites–stay tuned for news. There might be a delay, but I’ll make it worth your while.)


Teaching the Cowboy is back!

And only 99¢ through re-launch week! The price will go up to $3.99 next Monday night (9/21), so grab it at its lowest price.
Teaching the Cowboy bwwm romance by Holley Trent
This is a revised second edition of Teaching the Cowboy that’s nearly 20% longer than the version published in February 2014. The plot is pretty much the same–there’s just more detail and world-building. The only thing that’s different are the way the two secondary romances arc. Phil and Landon’s story is still there, and so is Eddie and Sidney’s–BUT–Eddie and Sidney’s story tapers off in this version. Had to do that so whenever I get around to giving them a full book (maybe in 2016?), it’ll be that much more satisfying.

Get the e-book at one of these retailers:

All Romance eBooks * Amazon * Barnes and Noble * Google Play * iBooks * Kobo


The newest Desert Guards story is available now!

Meet stoic Were-cougar Hank and Miles–the mate he didn’t want, but has no choice but to keep.

shapeshifter romance

After a month as a “guest” of the Foye gang, quiet nurse Miles Bennett is itching to be able to leave their isolated ranch. But were-cougar second-in-command Hank Foye wants to take her as his mate. If she doesn’t agree to accept him, he’ll be cursed to spend the rest of his life on four paws.

Get it here now!

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo

Need to catch up on past Cougar chaos first?

Meet Mason and Ellery in The Cougar’s Pawn
ir shapeshifter romance bwwm

Want to go back even more?

Go back to the beginning of the Sons of Gulielmus series to meet the wind goddess Agatha, the fallen angel Gulielmus, and the rest of Ellery’s motley extended family.

You can get the entire series in the Demons Undone bundle for 99¢ for a little while longer.

Demons Undone paranormal romance bundle


SEEING RED is free!

Seeing Red erotic contemporary romance by Holley Trent

At most major retailers through October 4. See links here.

And don’t forget: On the Ropes–the next book in the Hearts and Minds series–is available for preorder now.

Each book in the series can be read on its own, but are connected. If you’d like to read them in order, here’s the chronology:

1 – Saint and Scholar
2 – Calculated Exposure
3 – Seeing Red
4 – On the Ropes

On the Ropes will be the last in this series, so if you’re worried about unfinished storylines, I’ve got you covered!


Whirlwind Romance: 10 Short Romances (Available Now!)

Sometimes, you just want a bite and not a whole pie, and that’s why romances come in all lengths. In addition to the Emerald Springs Legacy prequel short story, Whirlwind Romance has nine other short contemporary romances that can each be read in a single sitting. Buy it today and read in between trips to the grill.
short contemporary romances

Get it at one of these places for less than $1:

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What’s happening? (upcoming releases and other news)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a what’s up/what’s coming brain dump. Since I have a few wee moments of admin time, I’m going to put on a little Painkiller and tell you what’s up. This might get long. Pop some corn and have a seat.

I’ve got a crapload of releases coming up.

This is only half my fault. Most of these releases are bundles or re-launches, though, so you’ll probably be blind to most. Here they are anyway:

bwwm interracial paranormal romance1. The Problem with Paddy is coming out in a shifter bundle next week. I reckon if you’re reading this blog, you probably already have that story. It’s been around while for a li’l while. If you haven’t nabbed it yet, that’ll be a cheap way to do it. (You can still get it on its own for 99¢ at that store that starts with “A.”)

* * *

short contemporary romances2. If you love reading romance short stories and novelettes, the Emerald Springs Legacy prequel short story “Trouble Brewing” will be included in the Whirlwind Romance bundle coming on 9/7. It’s not technically a romance but the lead-up to five romances. (Just trust me on this.)

These are the places where you can get it for the fat sum of 99 pennies (or less):
Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo

* * *

3. The next Desert Guards installment – The Cougar’s Trade – releases on 9/14. That’s all I’m going to say about that because I know some of y’all don’t start series until you’re sure they have an ending.

(Okay. I lied. I’ll say one more thing–I turned in the third book. So. If that incentivizes you to start reading any…)

* * *

Teaching the Cowboy bwwm romance by Holley Trent4. Teaching the Cowboy RE-releases on 9/15.

OMG, that effing book.

Can I just whine/kvetch for a moment?

Okay, thank you.

Look. I intended to get that book back out quickly because it left a big hole in the series, but when I sat down to plug up some continuity stuff, I caught some details I needed to update. Like…17,000 words of details.

The plot is more or less the same (I might have cut a few background details I’ll add back into a future book), but there’s just…more words. And maybe more sex. (It needed it, right? It was a big book.)

You can preorder it for cheap, but I’m not going to link it up just yet because it’s only up at two places. I’ll fix that next week when I’m done exterminating typos. If you’re feeling snarky as hell next week and want to read and review something that fits your mood (I’m obviously referring to Teaching the Cowboy), you’ll be able to grab a copy for free. I’ll tell you how later.

* * *

5. Also coming on or around 9/15 is the Vikings Untamed bundle.
Vikings Untamed paranormal romance
I’ve got an Afótama novella in it. (Sorry! Didn’t have time to write Nadia’s book in time for this. Forgive me?)

If you haven’t yet read The Viking Queen’s Men and The Chieftain’s Daughter, now’s a good time to catch up. This series has modern-set paranormal romances, by the way. As I’ve stated before, the series is mixed orientation, so don’t be too surprised if a bi unicorn [metaphorical, natch] pounces onto the page looking for a cuddle from whoever’s handy. (Viking’s Pride is M/F, in case you’re wondering. There are only so many bodies I can put into a 38,000-word erotic romance and still have a plot.)

* * *

paranormal romance short stories6. One more. (Look, I told you there were a lot.)

Two of my Sons of Gulielmus shorts are included in the Supernatural Seduction bundle with other short paranormal romances.

I’m only posting this here right now so you don’t stumble onto it and be all, “Holley, WTF? Should I buy that?” (Yes, for the OTHER stories, not mine.)

My stories can be read OUTSIDE of the Sons of Gulielmus series. They were written specifically for that. I promise. !!BUT!! if you want to read the whole series for the same price, get the Demons Undone bundle for as long as it’s available. We’re friends. That’s why I’m telling you.

I heartily suggest you get Demons Undone anyway so you know who the hell the guy is that the Cougars in Desert Guards are trying to [spoiler].

* * *

I think that’s all for September. I don’t expect you to remember all these. That’s what my newsletters are for.

To receive notifications about my multitudinous paranormal romance releases, subscribe to THIS ONE. THIS ONE HERE is for my less frequent, but no less awesome, contemporary stuff.

Other stuff.

1. You should come to Reading Until Dawn Con in October. It’s in Denver and it’s pretty freakin’ cheap for all you get. It’s a small, intimate con, and Darynda Jones is MC’ing.
I’ll be there in all my snarktastic glory (probably in pajamas), and making it rain Beast paperbacks. Let me know if you’re coming, and I’ll buy you a shot when you get there.

* * *

2. I’m starting Eric’s Edge (Shrew & Company 5) tomorrow. (That tidbit of news is for those of y’all who’ve been shooting me cyber glares because I left that series dangling back in the spring. I’m sorry. My schedule ran away from me, but don’t worry–I’m making it mind now.)

Look for that sometime this fall whenever I can sneak out a PNR release that won’t be right on top of another one. Sorry to be vague. You know what, actually? I’m sorry for everything in general.

Just sorry.

* * *

3. If you’re stalking this blog for Norseton Wolves news, I’m currently writing a holiday novella for the series. It’ll be with two characters alluded to in Idler. That’s all I can say without giving much away.

* * *

4. Seeing Red is free for about a month starting on 8/29. That’s third in the Hearts and Minds series, but each stands alone. There’s no background plot, but each couple is connected to each other in some way.

* * *

Okay. I think that’s it. So.


Happy reading, y’all!