I’m not done yet!

I didn’t want to announce this until folks had made their way through A Demon Bewitched because it’s slightly spoilery, but I reckon it’s safe enough to say now.

I wrote a little Christmas novella set in the Sons of Gulielmus world that doesn’t feature any actual sons of Gulielmus (or daughters, for that matter). It’s called An Angel Fallen.

Now, before you jump to any conclusions, it is NOT Gulielmus’s story. I’d need about 100,000 words to tame that guy, and what I’ve got planned for him won’t get written until sometime next year. So, if you were wondering–yes, he’s going to have a story at some point. Like Sons of Gulielmus, that’ll be in a three-book series. UNLIKE Sons of Gulielmus, I want to submit the first couple of books and have the third one ready to go so they have a predictable release schedule.

I digress. An Angel Fallen is about… Damn, I changed my mind. I don’t want to spoil this for anyone who hasn’t read the books, so I’ll just say this–the heroine is the werewolf Sweetie. If you’ve read A Demon Bewitched, you’ll know who the hero is.

I’ll update you on the release date and all that jazz soon. It’ll be a budget-friendly 99¢, and the story will bridge Sons of Gulielmus with whatever I’m going to call the spin-off. (I’ll figure that out next year. Bear with me!)


The Viking Queen’s Men is now on Goodreads

Add some lusty Vikings to your TBR list.

Oh! By the way, if you’re subscribed to my PNR new release alerts, you might be one of five lucky people who’ll get an early copy of The Viking Queen’s Men next week. My newsletter is going out on Monday, so make sure you’re subscribed.



(Also your art, your livestock, and probably any silver you have lying around.)

Because Vikings. Whoosh!
Vikings Unleased bundle
It’s the boxed set I’ve been teasing you about that contains my MFM erotic paranormal romance The Viking Queen’s Men.

Vikings Unleashed contains nine all-new stories (novellas and novels), each with a modern bent on the Viking archetype.

There are stories from me, Anne Marsh, Crystal Jordan, Dayna Hart, Kate Pearce, Loribelle Hunt, Saranna DeWylde, Shawntelle Madison, and Zoe York. Check out the diversity:

VIKING FIRE by award-winning author CRYSTAL JORDAN. Wolf-shifter Erik once betrayed the only woman he ever loved, the shieldmaiden Bryn, and it cost both their lives. Now, they serve the gods as immortal warriors, and an ancient prophecy forces them together to try to stop the coming apocalypse. What they don’t expect is for the fire to burn as hot between them as ever.

AT THE VIKING’S COMMAND by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author ANNE MARSH. A werewolf tries to protect her Pack and ends up in the arms of a ruthless Viking. Following her Viking’s orders ignites a fiery passion and fulfills her secret fantasies, but can she claim her Viking for keeps?

HEL’s BELLES by DAYNA HART. Hela’s one-night stand is assigned to mentor her through the creation of her new motorcycle club, but as their relationship starts to develop, the secrets she’s keeping might cost her everything.

THE VIKING QUEEN’S MEN by award-winning author HOLLEY TRENT. As the newly installed queen of an enclave of telepathic Viking descendants, Tess is the final arbiter of conflicts. Unfortunately, the very first one she has to resolve is in her own bedroom. Two men would fight to the death to win her, but to gain full control of her considerable power, she must find a way to keep them both.

TAMING THE VIKING’S DRAGON by SHAWNTELLE MADISON. Only two riders can command an ice dragon…Drifa wants nothing more than to complete her training as a Woman of Frost, but she is called to help destroy an evil force fallen from the stars. Three years ago, she left Steinn behind. To fight this new foe, they must forget their differences and reunite as man and woman. But for two Viking warriors, waging war is easier than forging peace.

A VIKING’S PEACE by NYT Bestselling Author ZOE YORK. Thrown together in an intergalactic diplomatic mission, Reinn and Ashleigh know they must fight the burning attraction between them. But this Viking has finally found his mate, and nothing else matters.

VIKING’S HEART by national bestselling author LORIBELLE HUNT. Jolie Hall is ready for her life to change. Being given to a Viking to clear her father’s debts isn’t quite what she had in mind, however. She can’t deny she’s drawn to Stone Ulfson, but can she believe his claim that she is his destined mate?

VIKING’S FURY by award-winning author SARANNA DEWYLDE. Magnus the Destroyer will do anything to escape prison planet Hel and punish his captors, including taking the warden’s innocent daughter Mercy as collateral. Only after they crash on an uninhabited planet, Magnus learns some things are more precious than vengeance.

VIKING UNBOUND by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author KATE PEARCE. Encased in ice, traveling through space and thousands ofyears adrift from his world, Viking Einarr Bloodaxe can’t help but respond to the call of his female and finally break free of his magical entrapment.

The bundle will be available on 10/7, but you can pre-order it for 99¢ now.
Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBookstore | Kobo

Keep your eyes peeled for teasers and exclusive don’t-read-at-work excerpts from all the authors.


Ten’s a lot. [win stuff.]

My friend and Den of Sin co-author Mel Blue is celebrating her 10-year Writerversary. Woot!
(If I were to count how many years I’ve been at this writing thing, I’d probably crawl under a rock immediately afterward.)

Instead of nabbing gifts, Mel’s giving stuff away. Isn’t she generous? A bunch of other authors, including myself, are pitching in prizes. I’m giving away a $10 e-gift certificate and a backlist book (which one? up to you. I’ll even let you have Viking Thing if you ask.).

Want to win? Easy Rafflecopter entry. Contest ends Saturday, so start clicking now.

Good luck!
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SKOL and stuff.

It’s in!

death drop gif

Viking Thing is out of my hands and now I can obsess about other things for a while.

The Viking Queen's Men contemporary paranormal menage romance by Holley Trent

It’ll be out the first week of October in a boxed set I’ll tell you more about later. It’s the first book in a series of five contemporary paranormal romances [with Vikings - shhhhhh, just let it happen].

The first two stories are ménages (they have the same trio of characters), but books 3, 4, and 5 will feature different couples.

This is my typical style, so you can expect it to be heavy on snark, plot, worldbuilding. The heroines are unfiltered (of course) and the angst is fleeting.

Now that it’s off to the bundle admin, I’m going to go read someone else’s book. I’ll format this puppy for paperback later.

I will be putting on a reviewer sign-up list soonish, so keep an eye peeled.


Got me geeking: these spec-fic romance series

Got Me Geeking Holley TrentLast week, I told you about the voices in my head ears. This week, I want to tell you about the books I read when I’m not writing. I’m a sucker for series, and here are a few that had me ignoring other VERY PRESSING obligations this year. These are all under the speculative fiction romance (or w/ romantic elements) umbrella.

Ready? Get your one-click/wish-listing fingers ready. I’ll even tell you how I stumbled onto these series.

A Discovery of Witches cover1 – Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy. To be quite honest, I don’t know how to categorize this series as it isn’t strictly paranormal. It’s mainstream fiction with a witch heroine, a vampire hero, a time-travel element, a lot of history, some science, some suspense, and [insert kitchen sink here].

I’ve got book three, The Book of Life, on my Kindle right now. I started it in July during the trip to the RWA national conference, and haven’t finished it ONLY because it’s the last book in the series. There’s no more after that. Nothing. Trying to make it last.

If you like broody heroes and heroines who get stronger over time, you’ll love this series.

I learned about the first book in the series from Blogher back in…hell, I don’t know what year it was. Lots of reviewers were asked to read it. I wasn’t one of them, but I was so intrigued I picked that door-stopper up at the library. Read it twice in a week and pretty much stalked the author online until the second installment was up for pre-order.

Slave by Cheryl Brooks2 – Cheryl Brooks‘ Cat Star Chronicles. These are long erotic paranormal romances. Eh…I think they sort of straddle the line between PNR and romantic sci-fi since they’re set in space and have alien heroes.

Anyhoo, this summer when I was finally unpacking the books I picked up at LAST year’s RWA nat’l conference (oops), I found Stud amongst them. It was one of those where have you been all my life? discoveries. Brooks has a voice that’s compulsively readable and a great sense of humor. The heroes are sexy cat-men (just roll with it) and the usually-human heroines are the sort you really root for.

The series is up to ten books. I’ve read every single one in a month EXCEPT for the most recent one–Rebel–and for the same reason I haven’t finished The Book of Life.

Legacy-200x3003 – Another series I discovered in my RWA book pile is Denise Tompkins‘ Niteclif Evolutions. The first installment is Legacy. I’d peg this one as urban fantasy with romantic elements, and I should warn you – the love interest isn’t the same in books two and three as it is in book one. You’ll forgive the heroine for it, though. Let’s see if I can describe this one in a nutshell. Uh…the heroine is descended from a long line of supernatural investigators, one of whom inspired the fictional Sherlock Holmes.


Lots of sexy time in this series (and not of the sweet, sensual sort, either. I mean, hell. Would you really expect that with heroes who are warlocks and dragon shifters?). Just warning ya.

The series is ongoing, and I await news of the next installment.

(No pressure or anything, Ms. Tompkins.)

A Demon and His Witch by Eve Langlais4 – I accidentally stumbled onto Eve Langlais’ Welcome to Hell series when I was trawling for something else in her backlist (lord knows what book it was now). I thought, “Hey, she has demon books? Me, too!” and naturally I wanted to see what her spin on them was.

I think I read every single one in about a week, they are just so stinkin’ funny. I mean, come on–Satan’s playing matchmaker between his hellish minions. They’re pretty quick reads and will put a smile on your face for sure.

The first installment, A Demon and His Witch, features a womanizing fire demon and Satan’s justifiably cranky witch of an assistant. (She got burned at the stake, FFS.)

Shadow of the Wolf by Dana Marie Bell5 – Next up, Dana Marie Bell‘s Heart’s Desire paranormal romance series. Four wolf-shifter wizard brothers (yep) and the frazzled women who love them. The series is three stories in at the moment, and there’s one more coming.

I stumbled into the series while judging some contest last year (don’t remember which – this happens all the time) and proceeded to buy half of DMB’s backlist right after that.

Now, there are some authors who work on JUST ONE series until it’s done. I’m not one of those. I skip around because I write faster than my publishers can put out my books. DMB seems to have a similar release strategy. So, if not being able to finish reading a series drives you nuts, start with her Halle Pumas. That series is done, and you see the characters again in the Halle Shifters series (which is ongoing).

You could read these out of order since each romance stands alone, but don’t. The background plot arcs over the four books and you need to know the background so you understand the tension in book three.

Wolf's Haven Caedmon Wolves 1 by Ambrielle Kirk6 – Ooh! Speaking of wolf shifters, check out my Den of Sin co-author Ambrielle Kirk’s Caedmon Wolves. If you like diverse, edgy romances, alpha-male personalities, and heroines who are a bit mouthy, these will be like book crack to you. There’s lots of popcorn-worthy drama in the pack due to some succession issues.

I have it on good authority (because I asked) that there’s one more book coming that ties up the plot from book five, and then the series will spin off to a new pack. (Don’t you love it when that happens?)

Books 1-3 are available in one money-saving volume BUT BUT BUT – you can also grab Wolf’s Haven for free.

Grab it!

Go forth and read! But, tell me what other-worldly series have got you hooked before you go. I like books that make me shout, “Oh, snap!” so keep that in mind.

And don’t forget, while you’re on your spec-fic romance shopping binge, the Extraordinary Love bundle is still a buck, and my Sons of Gulielmus novella A Demon Found is now FREE at Amazon.

Want to geek out in a post of your own? Shoot me a message at holley [at] holleytrent [dot] com and put “Got Me Geeking” in the subject line. I’ll get you squared away.


Got me geeking: these male singers.

Got Me Geeking Holley Trent
I’ve wanted to start a weekly-ish feature for quite a while to talk about the things I just can’t stop thinking about–the things that have me obsessing and trawling in internet for MORE. But, I’ve been kinda busy and blogging has taken the back-burner.

I’m not caught up (not even a little bit) but I’ve got an hour to get this topic out of my mind and onto paper into pixels. So, what’s activating obsessive tendencies in me this week and has me geeking?

The following male singers. These five are absolutely dominating my iTunes playlists lately.

First up, Brandon Urie. He’s the vocal equivalent of hot buttered rum, a thoughtful songwriter, and frontman of Panic! at the Disco. Unfortunately, he has no personality whatsoever. See the evidence here:

Bruno Mars. He’s got swagger. You can see it in his dance moves and hear it in his voice. Hell, you can see it when he’s just standing still. Without fail, his music makes me want to get out of my chair and bust moves I’m too damn old for.

Lots of his songs are geared toward the “grown and sexy” crowd. This one frequently gets repeat-play when I’m plotting out hotter books:

Another Bruno. This time, Aaron Bruno. He’s AWOLNATION‘s singer.

He looks like the all-American boy, but has a guilty, filthy soul, and a mouth like a sailor. He treats the word “motherfucker” as a work of art in the song entitled “MF.” Just listen to that enunciation.

This one’s a two-fer because they’re in the same group – a high tenor and a bass. Austin Brown and Tim Foust from Home Free vocal band (middle and right).

I first heard Home Free in my Pentatonix iHeartRadio channel. They’re a country a capella group and won the last season of The Sing-off. All five guys are exceptional, charismatic performers, but Austin’s got a swoon-worthy quality to his voice, and Tim…well, when Tim hits the bottom of his range, the vibrations from your computer speakers could probably shake your coffee cup off your desk.

Just watch this:

So, that’s what’s got me geeking this week! What about you? Anything you just CAN’T get enough of? Tell me in the comments. Want to geek out in your own post? Just shoot me a line to holley [at] holleytrent [dot] com and put GOT ME GEEKING in the subject line.


[Closed] Hot Days and Hotter Nights [win stuff!]

Contest closed! My winners have been e-mailed. In case you missed it, the hop’s grand prize winners are:

Ashley F has won a Kindle Fire
Michele B has won a $100 Gift Certificate
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Congratulations to all, and happy reading!

* * *
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I’m Holley Trent, and I’m author of more than 20 contemporary and paranormal romances that range from sensual to hot-hot-hot. My books are more quirky than angsty, and sometimes my jokes are a bit cerebral and maybe a bit offensive. :D I write for a few different publishers and also self-publish a few series. My full bio is here and if you’re so inclined, you can follow me on your social media vice of choice. I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest, amongst others.

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All four of those books are part of series. Isn’t that fun? As a treat, here’s a sneak peek of the next book of the Sons of Gulielmus series, A Demon Bewitched.

To set up the scene – this is what happens when something goes wrong with the way a sex demon’s and witch’s magics blend. This excerpt is a li’l bit graphic, so scroll quickly if you’re at work.

From Chapter Thirteen

“I need it back,” he whispered.

“What?” She moaned dreamily, slipping her hands farther into his boxers and setting her short nails against his flesh.

He loosed his fingers from her hair and grabbed her wrists, stilling her hands just for the moment. He couldn’t concentrate when she was stoking him ever closer to that dark place. He wanted to ravish her and make her scream out his name, but what he wanted wasn’t what either of them needed at the moment.

“My magic, chéri. I’m going to draw it back. Just relax, don’t fight it. It’ll only take a moment.”

Her deep, throaty chuckle made the front of her body shudder against his, jostling his cock into erection.

Hissing, he took a tiny half step away from her and freed her hands. “Why is that funny?”

“Mmm, everything you say sounds sexual. Just relax, don’t fight it. Oh, the things you could be doing to me while saying those words. I think we should go do them, actually.”

What the hell was wrong with her?

“Fuck.” Grinding his palms against his eyelids, he groaned and took another step back. Being a witch, she shouldn’t have been so susceptible to his demon allure. Most supernatural types, even mostly human ones like witches, had a bit of built-in defense against each other’s magic. Claude was powerful enough he could override most people’s natural defenses if he tried. Right now, he wasn’t trying and still, she was getting bulldozed.

He suspected it was because she was getting the full bore—not incubus magic tempered by witch magic, but all of his demonic allure at once.

“Pay attention, chéri,” he said, capturing the space between them. He pushed her arms behind her back and gripped both wrists in one hand while pressing his other hand against the bottom of her neck.

“Kinky.” She chuckled again. “Are you into bondage?”

“If you want it, you’ll get it and more. Later.” He pressed his lips to hers and closed his eyes. Mentally sifting through her essence, he compartmentalized what was hers and what belonged to him. What was his, he nudged free from her and drew back to himself. His magic soothed him, calmed his frayed demonic edges, and put the lid back on Pandora’s box. He rarely let his monster out to play, and felt a reassuring calm when he was contained again.

Releasing her wrists, he deepened his kiss, skimming his thumbs along her jaw as she pawed his ass, insinuating his erection against her belly, as if pleading for it.

With his control back as it should be and his power flooding back into his cells, both his rationality and forethought returned. But the lust didn’t go away.

She’d started it, and maybe he should deny her until after they’d taken care of business.

Fuck.” He grabbed her wrists yet again when she’d sneakily worked her hands around to the front of his sweatpants and put a vise grip on his cock.

“You don’t know what you’re doing to me.” She pushed up onto tiptoes and nipped his bottom lip between her teeth. She drew it out and let it snap back in.

“What do you want?”

She needed to say it. She had to bring the part of her brain back online that governed rational thought. He needed her consent, because she wasn’t just some woman he needed to fill one of his father’s aggressive quotas. She was a treasure.

“I—” She loosened her hold on him and pulled her hands away, but not far. She held his waistband in her grip as her forehead furrowed and face scrunched with her confusion.

“I don’t know. I—” She swallowed, and turned her gaze up to him. “I feel crazed, Claude. Help me. Please.”

Was this a normal thing? He didn’t know. He’d never tried to free a woman from the effects of the seductive incubus magic before. He’d done what he had to, and left them. He’d never had to talk a woman out of it before, so he didn’t know what she was feeling. Aroused? Well, obviously. He could smell it. Her skin was hot with passion, and every thready breath she took was a little plaintive cry for release.

Maybe it’d be best if they stayed away from each other until he figured this out, but that’d have to start after she got her fix.

“Are you sure?”

She grabbed his hand and pulled him, leading him to the path that wound past the side of the house and beyond the lit way to the barn Clarissa used to store tools and chicken feed.

It was so dark in there, he could barely see her clawing at the catch of her jeans and heeling off her sneakers.

He’d had sex in a lot of places in two hundred and fifteen years, but to the best of his memory, this was the first time he’d done it in a barn.

He suspected he’d be experiencing a lot of firsts with her.

As she pulled him closer, grabbing his waistband and nudging it down, he cleared his throat.

“No pockets, chéri. Even if I had them, I likely wouldn’t be carrying condoms.”

She pushed his pants down to his knees and squeezed his cock so hard he whimpered. “Don’t worry about it. Get on your knees and fuck me.”

Her brazen demand compelled him like no magic ever had.

He pulled her down with him to the hard-packed dirt floor and pressed her chest to the ground. She let out a little contented sigh, likely already drifting into a euphoric headspace he wouldn’t allow her to indulge in just yet. Easing behind her, he grabbed her by the waist and gave her one hard yank toward him, jostling her back to the here and now.

“You asked for it, so pay attention.”

“Don’t phone it in, then.”

Add A Demon Bewitched to Goodreads

A Demon Bewitched by Holley Trent coverHere’s how to enter to win one of my e-book bundles.

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Is “broke” a trope?

A Demon Bewitched by Holley Trent coverYou know, I’ve noticed a certain trend in my books. People tend to be kind of broke (and I mean financially strapped, and not brokeN). And it’s not exactly something I try to rescue them from. Most of the time, when they start off broke, they’re still pretty broke by the end.

I’ve jokingly called them “recession romances,” but the truth is, that’s just real life for me. I didn’t really have a good understanding of what expendable income really was until I was well into my twenties. Money was tight when I was growing up — so tight that we had to frequently make choices like “buy school supplies or buy meat.”

It wasn’t just us, though. We lived in a fairly depressed part of the state where most folks were just scraping by. It was a place where the “rich” kids were the ones who had UPS drivers and nurses for parents.

Yeah. I know.

cover for My Nora by Holley TrentI suppose my worldview is draped around that. That’s why Matt in My Nora is just a fisherman, why Mandy in Sold As Is more or less got evicted, why Ronnie in Teaching the Cowboy needs to think creatively to finance her PhD, and why Gail in A Demon Bewitched fries chicken wings at a titty bar even though she has formal culinary education. These folks aren’t merely down on their luck. “The Struggle” is part of their everyday lives, and I suspect that’ll be the case for many of my characters to come.

Sometimes I think about to writing a “rescued by a rich guy/girl” romance, but they never shape up the way I expect. Charles in A Demon in Love is stinking rich, but Marion was self-sufficient long before she met him. I think the only other character I’ve written that was very well off (who was paired with someone who wasn’t) was Calvin in A Demoness Matched, but Julia is so damned naive that I’m not sure she’s noticed the extent of his wealth yet.

Maybe I’ll turn over a new leaf in 2015 a write a book with a character who really needs to be spoiled. I’m sure the story will go off the rails like everything else I write, but I can have fun trying!


Oh, the things I do for fun.

sex-scene-championshipLike last year, I’m trying my luck in Nix’s Sex Scene Championship at Scorching Book Reviews. I’ll have a hot little scene from O for Two going up on August 16, and I’ll need you all to vote me to victory! (I wish you could see the imagery going through my head right now–a bunch of authors on a battlefield swinging laptops and “realistic” 8″ dildos at each other.)

The battles run daily until the 25th, each with brand-new combatants. (“Combatants.” Ha.) Check out the list of players. I think you’ll recognize quite a few of those names. My Den of Sin co-authors Ambrielle Trent and Renee Luke have scenes going up on August 13th and 14th respectively, though I don’t know from which books. Hey, I like surprises, so I’ll learn along with you.

Each vote via the Rafflecopter widgets embedded in every post is an entry to win one of the great prizes the participating authors have donated, so make sure you vote in every bracket – there are two every day.

I imagine our to-be-read lists will be bulging by the time this championship is over.