All Shook Up

Originally published August 2012 by Rebel Ink Press, currently unavailable.

This story will not be re-released, but along with its prequel The Spirit of Things, will be incorporated into a longer book called Shake Well. Look for it in August 2013.


Lovebirds Nicolette and Charlie are back in this sequel to The Spirit of Things, and this time it’s not Nikki complicating the relationship. When Charlie’s high school girlfriend and the mother of his thirteen-year-old daughter, Gabby, swoops into town, Nikki and the rest of Chowan County go into high alert. Becky is planting seeds of unrest and trying to rile Gabby up, but no one knows why.

With the gossip mill churning and Nikki’s insect repellant business being thrown into a state of flux because of a cosmetics company’s interest, Nikki second-guesses whether it’s the right time to marry Charlie. Can she and Charlie work through it or will Becky’s shake-up split them apart for good?


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