The Spirit of Things

Published May 2012 by Rebel Ink Press, currently unavailable. This story will not be re-released, but along with its sequel All Shook Up, will be incorporated into a longer book called Shake Well. Look for it in August 2013.

Series: Natural Beauty*


Nicolette Stacy is a twenty-eight-year-old middle school teacher who’s been saddled into advising her school’s rag-tag cheerleading squad. The squad is hardheaded and reckless, going so far as to execute a dangerous stunt that puts one girl in the emergency room. Having already decided to quit and return to the corporate world, Nikki wakes up one morning on the sofa of Charlie, a squad member’s father, having no memory of the previous night’s events. Mortified, Nikki flees to her new life and new men, but the loose ends she left behind in Tyner won’t let her stay away. Can she clean up the mess she made without getting further involved?


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