Angel BWWM werewolf romance Norseton Wolves

Norseton Wolves Book 9

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

November 15, 2016


Grant Banks’ last one-night-stand ended in conception, and now he’s an alpha werewolf with a pack to lead, a ranch to run, and a son to raise on his own. He’s got his hands full, for sure, but he’d rather stick it out alone than to take a mate who’s only interested in him for his status. However, when a holiday visitor from the Norseton pack takes a shine to his son, Pete, Grant decides there might be a woman who’s just right for him after all.

Angel’s got the right stuff to be an alpha’s mate. She’s patient and kind, and knows how to take initiative. Unfortunately, she’s an omega Wolf—the weakest in her pack. She could be a doting mother to Pete and a natural companion for Grant, but she could also be a serious liability.

While Grant may not care about the challengers who want his job, Angel does. As badly as she wants to be on his arm, she won’t be his if it means he must risk his role. The Wolverton pack needs a progressive alpha like him if it’s ever going to leave its old ways behind.

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