Elder Norseton Wolves cover

Norseton Wolves Book 6

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

May 9, 2016

Content Guidance: this story references past intimate partner violence and has a partial focus on a main character’s recent physical disability. All Norseton Wolves stories have a happily-ever-after ending.


Having lost part of his leg in an oilrig accident, Nixon Tucker accepts his friend’s offer to join Norseton’s new Wolfpack. At the age of forty-one, Nixon is finally ready for some stability, but the Wolf goddess doesn’t make things easy for her favored ones. She drops a broken single mom of two kids onto his path, and immediately, his inner beast takes notice. In spite of Esther Denis-March bearing another man’s bite and scent, Nixon is more than willing let her complicate his life. She could give him the family he craves.

With her abusive husband dead by her hands, Esther arrives in Norseton hoping her brother’s pack won’t send her away. She’s certain that Nixon is the rightful mate her husband wasn’t, but there are no guarantees he’ll keep her. Wolf women aren’t supposed to fight back, and she fears that telling Nixon what she’s done will send him running.

She doesn’t know that Nixon’s got insecurities of his own. He thinks a woman like her deserves a physically strong mate. He was once a threat to other alpha Wolves, but he doubts he ever will be again.

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