Idler Norseton Wolves

Norseton Wolves Book 3

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

July 6, 2015


Lisa Modesto needs an ambitious, proactive mate to help her navigate Pack drama. With her younger sisters being on the fast track to matrimony with a couple of indolent werewolves from her old Pack, she has to get them out, and soon. She accepts a random pairing with a male from an unknown pack, hoping to find a potential safe haven for her sisters, only to get matched with an idle Wolf who has a full moon-sized chip on his shoulder.

Wolf-for-hire Colt Baylor is used to doing the bare minimum to get by. He’s convinced the stability the Norseton Wolfpack has experienced in the past half year is short-lived, and he doesn’t want to put his heart into impermanent things. He learned that lesson all too well as a teen, but his reluctant new mate would have him revisit it.

Lisa is convinced that her born-alpha mate has the potential to solve big problems, but not without incentive. He’s a Wolf with a troubled past, and if she pushes too hard, she’ll lose his trust. She can’t afford that. Colt may not only be the ticket to a better life for her sisters, but possibly the closest thing to a perfect mate a domineering Type A personality like her will ever find.

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