Maker Norseton Wolves cover

Norseton Wolves Book 5

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

November 15, 2015


Graciella Modesto had to grow up fast to protect herself from the male werewolves in her old pack. In her new home, she’s got freedom to live as she pleases—and to not take a mate if she doesn’t want to. Oddly enough, she does want one, and she doesn’t care what her overprotective big sister thinks about him. To Graciella, it’s clear that Finn Stilton is meant to be hers.

But Finn doesn’t want to wreck a good thing. A nomad for much of the past ten years, he’s finally got a safe place to live and he’d like to stay in Norseton. In spite of objections from his packmates, he can’t leave smart, beautiful Graciella alone. She’s got magic that can soothe his antsy inner beast, and unlike so many other people in his life, she seeks out his company rather than avoiding it.

She may be the one woman on Earth who refuses to throw him away. How could he possibly keep her, though, knowing that her being with a Wolf like him means she’s destined to not achieve anything more than being his wife?

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