Scion Norseton Wolves

Norseton Wolves Book 4

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

RELEASE DATE: August 14, 2015


Werewolf Ashley Madeira’s father wants her to accept a mate within their New Jersey pack, but Ashley knows such an arrangement is doomed to fail. She flees to a strange, new pack in New Mexico to become mate to a random Wolf, but as it turns out—her would-be husband is no stranger.

Vic Carbone was ousted from his birthpack as teen along with his parents, and along with the other Norseton Wolves, has spent years on the road living hand to mouth. He can’t believe his old alpha’s daughter would be so clueless about the strife he caused the Carbones. She may be blameless, but he hates everything she stands for.

Old grudges form a seemingly insurmountable wedge between the Madeiras and Carbones, but the Wolf goddess will only grant Vic and Ashley with perfect mates once. If they’re to have a hopeful future in the Norseton pack, they must set aside the insults of the past. It may take a small miracle for them to manage it.

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