Scout Norseton Wolves Reckless Desires

An Afótama Legacy Crossover Story

Norseton Wolves Book 7

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

June 6, 2016


In spite of his apprehensions, Dr. Paul Berger gives in to the psychic pull guiding him home to Norseton and the Afótama clan. His friends are all pairing off in unions blessed by the old Norse gods, but as he lacks the sociability of his peers, he assumes he’ll get passed over for a match. However, the Fates have someone unexpected in store for him.

When the newcomer werewolf Petra becomes his patient after being thrown through a truck window, it’s evident to almost everyone that Paul is meant to be a wolf’s mate. His terse practical nature doesn’t bother her one bit. She’s more worried that Paul will abandon her because of her wild behavior—the same way her human father left her mother.

To complicate what should be an easy love affair, Paul’s wary of being left, too. If he bonds with Petra in the way of his kind, he risks irreparable emotional ruin, and he has good reason to be concerned she won’t stay.

No other woman ever has.

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