Seer Norseton Wolves Reckless Desires

Norseton Wolves Book 8

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

June 27, 2016


The Norseton Wolfpack’s newest guard recruit, Arnold, never ignores premonitions from his goddess, but her latest missive could have him turning werewolf culture on its ear.

His rescue of runaway new mother Leonora quickly escalates to untamed infatuation after Arnold accidentally gives Leo a mating bite. Unfortunately, being married already—sort of—Leo doesn’t want another mate. Her old one was the reason she’d grabbed her baby and left Wyoming with little more than the clothes on her back.

Although Arnold promises Leo that she can have the independence she wants in Norseton, she’s not convinced real freedom is possible. Try as she might to ignore the allure of her goddess-sent rescuer, he holds her in thrall as only a true mate could. Her ex’s reckless stunt to force Leo back to Wyoming leaves Leo with little choice but to trust not only her unwavering mate, but to put her faith in her stalwart new pack, too.

Disrupting the status quo is a dangerous prospect for Wolves, but the Norseton pack can’t back down—not if they ever want to put their broken families back together.

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