Cover for Norseton Wolves Book 10 Watcher by Holley Trent has a shirtless man draping cloth around his head. A silhouetted wolf is in the background in front of a dark desert horizon.

Norseton Wolves Book 10

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

October 25, 2021

Content Tags: disability (hearing impairment), found family


Leticia Modesto doesn’t remember getting married, but there’s video evidence and a marriage certificate to prove that she did. And her groom? None other than the Norseton pack’s most mysterious werewolf—the man nicknamed “Watcher.”

In Jim Mason’s defense, he believed his new wife was sober when she consented to the Vegas ceremony. Though they were practically strangers to each other, her instigating sister convinced him that he and Leticia should have a wedding they’ll never forget. After all, technically, she’s already his mate. She just doesn’t know it.

But she does forget their wedding. And when Leticia wakes beside him the following day agitated and confused, he’s tempted to cut her loose until she’s ready to say yes with a clear head. She’s bright, young, beautiful, and has the world at her feet. He’s a jaded mercenary who really doesn’t have a single thing to talk about…except her.

Mate or not, she could do better.

The thing is, Leticia disagrees. She actually likes her serious-minded husband. And despite what he thinks, she’s not at all inclined to be given up.

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