Lucky Break

Lucky Break Reedsville Roosters baseball romance

Reedsville Roosters #3

Erotic Contemporary

February 3, 2016


Baseball tore Edy Wallace’s family apart when she was a child, and now she paints all athletes with the same broad brush. She refuses to have some player running around on her like her father did to her mother, so she avoids getting involved with the scoundrels on the team her father manages.

When Reedsville Roosters slugger Al Felton breaks his leg during spring training and needs a special escort home to Baton Rouge, her father calls on her for a favor she can’t refuse. Al’s not a man who’s so easy to ignore, but Edy refuses to let her guard down. His charming smile and pretty words appeal, but she’s convinced that he’ll be one more man who’ll choose baseball over her.

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