Eric’s Edge

Eric’s Edge

paranormal bear shifter romance

Shrew & Company Book 5

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

December 8, 2015


Maria Weisz has always been Shrew & Company’s most easygoing investigator and the sisterhood relies on her soothing empathy during times of stress. The Shrews have no idea, though, that Maria’s outward calm disguises long-simmering turmoil.

For years, she’s relied on her secret lover Eric Falk to chase away her demons, but he’s tired of being an outlet for her anger. He’s ready to call it quits; however, when his alpha and Maria’s boss make them partner up to fetch a couple of kidnapped Bear shifter kids, he has no choice but to reevaluate a commitment.

With unsettling revelations about Maria’s nomadic childhood surfacing and the formerly mellow Eric becoming a Bear with power that rivals his alpha, she’s desperate to shut him out. Although he claims he loves her in spite of her hang-ups, she’s used to the people who claim to love her lying to her. A Shrew and a Bear might make a formidable duo both on the job and off, but Maria can’t trust giving him her heart.

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