Framing Felipe

Framing Felipe

shapeshifter paranormal romance

Shrew & Company Book 2

Paranormal Romantic Suspense (modern setting)

May 17, 2013


After six weeks working a grueling undercover job, the last thing Sarah Miller wants is to jump headfirst into another assignment. She doesn’t have a choice. Business is booming at Shrew & Company, and besides the boss lady herself, Sarah’s the only woman equipped to handle the latest Were-bear drama. When she gets to the mountains—ready to go in with guns blazing—Dana reassigns her. The circus is in town, and their most famous acrobat has gone missing.

Except…he hasn’t.

Felipe Castillo is on the run, and the thing that’s giving him chase is scaring Dana, too. It’s now Sarah’s job to coax the slippery Spaniard out of hiding and get him someplace safe…assuming they can keep their clothes on. Felipe may not speak English well, but the way his body moves needs no translation.

Sarah’s not interested in commitment, especially not with a man who cheats death for a living, but something about the acrobat has her enthralled. Perhaps it’s because he seems to have just as many secrets as her. Maybe even more.

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