Promising Peter

Promising Peter Shrew and Company


Shrew & Company Book 6

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

April 26, 2016


Peter Ursu is a Bear without a home—an alpha without a clan. As a mercenary, he pays his bills by eliminating shifter rogues, and in the past, he never lost any sleep over his occupation. But when his fated mate turns out to be the meek younger sister of the Ridge Bear clan alpha, he struggles to rein in his basest impulses so he doesn’t scare her away.

The thing is, Andrea Ridge doesn’t expect him to. In spite of Peter being a killer-for-hire, he’s one of the few Bears she feels completely at ease around. She’s used to being the weak link—the victim—and believes that when mating season passes, he’ll change his mind.

Sweet Drea is the soothing mate Peter craves, and bold Peter is the protective companion Drea needs. But if they can’t convince themselves that they deserve each other, they’ll miss the only shot they’ll ever get at true love.

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