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Sons of Gulielmus/Desert Guards/Masters of Maria

The Sons of Gulielmus saga, the Desert Guards series, and the Masters of Maria are set in the same world, have have significant character overlap, and take place on one after the other.


Sons of Gulielmus

Gulielmus is an ancient demon—an incubus—who has been propagating with human women in the New World since the time of the Roanoke colony. He sends his half-breed sons, cambions, out into the world to taint the souls of women, not realizing it’s them who are the ones who could so easily be swayed to the other side.

A Demon in Waiting cover Melt My Heart anthology cover A Demon in Love by Holley Trent A Demon Found by Holley Trent
A Demon Bewitched by Holley Trent cover AnAngelFallen

Desert Guards

A year after the events of A Demon Bewitched, a family of were-cougars in New Mexico learns the hellmouth on their ranch didn’t open by accident.

The Cougar's Mate cover ir shapeshifter romance bwwm shapeshifter romance shapeshifter romance cat shifter
The Cougar's Wish cover

Reading Order

Sons of Gulielmus

1 – A Demon in Waiting
1.5 – A Demoness Matched (novella in the Melt My Heart anthology)
2 – A Demon in Love
2.5 – A Demon Found (FREE novella)
3 – A Demon Bewitched
3.5 – An Angel Fallen (novella)

Desert Guards

0 – The Cougar’s Mate (FREE prequel novella)
1 – The Cougar’s Pawn
2 – The Cougar’s Trade
3 – The Cougar’s Bargain
4 – The Cougar’s Wish

Masters of Maria

1 – The Demigod’s Legacy

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