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Sons of Gulielmus

Sons of Gulielmus paranormal romance series

A complete paranormal romance series: three sons (and some side-stories!), one overarching “big” plot.

Gulielmus is an ancient demon—an incubus—who has been propagating with human women in the New World since the time of the Roanoke Colony. His job is to corrupt souls for his liege, but not without some help. He took the commandment from the other side “be fruitful and multiply” to heart dozens of times over.

He sends his half-breed sons, cambions, out into the world to taint the souls of women, not realizing it’s them who are the ones who could so easily be swayed to the other side.

Sons of Gulielmus series order

Story 1

A Demon in Waiting cover
A Demon in Waiting (Novel)
Published June 17, 2013
John’s and Ariel’s story
50,000 words

Story 1.5

Melt My Heart anthology cover
A Demoness Matched” in Melt My Heart anthology (long short story)
Published February 10, 2014
Julia’s and Calvin’s story
12,000 words

Story 2

A Demon in Love by Holley Trent
A Demon in Love
Published May 5, 2014
Charles’s and Marion’s story
78,000 words

Story 2.5

A Demon Found by Holley Trent
A Demon Found (long short story)
Published August 18, 2014
Jason’s and Cam’s story
15,000 words

Story 3

A Demon Bewitched by Holley Trent cover
A Demon Bewitched (novel)
Published September 22, 2014
Claude’s and Gail’s story

Story 3.5

An Angel Fallen (long short story)
Published November 17, 2014
Mark’s and Sweetie’s story


Sons of Gulielmus series order

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