A Demon Found

A Demon Found

Sons of Gulielmus Book 2.5 (novella)

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

August 2014

This little novella goes deeper into the background of Jason—a secondary character in A Demon Bewitched—and has a “happy for now” ending.


Half-demon psychic Jason Deiulio has desired grocery store cashier Cam Evans for two years. Normally, he’s got swagger in spades, but Cam makes him clam up. No way would a good girl like her crawl into bed with an abomination like him.

Studious Cam is chock-full of surprises, though. She sees supernatural beings few other humans know exist and pegged Jason as a demon from the moment she first saw him. She wants him anyway, and decides it’s up to her to make the first move. She does, and not a moment too soon.

Jason’s long-absent incubus father pops in to make Jason an offer he can’t refuse, and the duo will have to test the mettle of their budding relationship. Cam has no reservations about being the girlfriend of a cambion, but she didn’t expect that taking the gig would put her on the supernatural hit list!

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