The Angel’s Desire

Cover of The Angel's Desire by Holley Trent

Masters of Maria Book 9

Fantasy Romance (created + familiar settings)

August 29, 2020

CONTENT NOTE: Grief/loss of spouse in past. Warning for discussion of past emotional abuse by former intimate partner. On-page suspense, peril, and short scenes of physical combat.


Gulielmus wanted cake, not a quest, but when everyone’s favorite elf queen doesn’t arrive at a party, he jumps at the opportunity to go fetch her. Small talk is so tedious, and social relationships are such a pain to maintain.

Of course, Clarissa Morton can’t just go missing—she has to vanish into a post-apocalyptical realm where the husband she left for dead a thousand years ago still reigns. It seems the curse she weaved way back then has come back to torment her…just like her ex. Clarissa would never escape alive a second time if the king had his way.

Now Gulielmus is trapped with her in a dimension where fallen angels have no power and elves have magic he can’t understand. Working cooperatively with the secretive woman to escape the place is an impossible task, and jarringly, the magic of the realm makes the true nature of their connection clearer.

Returning immediately to the human world is their utmost priority, but…maybe the forced proximity isn’t the worst possible thing for the long-quarreling duo. Perhaps they can finally put the past behind them and accept that they weren’t meant to journey alone.

Magic doesn’t make sense, so why should love?

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