Series Connections in THE ANGEL’S FIRE


Elizabeth Putnum: In the Desert Guards series, Hank finds a copy of La Bella Dama’s story written by Elizabeth Putnum. Contemporary Cougars know her name because she was a historian from previous generations…but they don’t know she’s still around or that she was Lola’s previous “ear.”


Rachel Foye: Is a direct ancestress of Floyd, Mason, Hank, Sean, and Belle Foye. Lola’s special interest in Mason and his siblings is because of her relationship with Rachel. Silvio was the last non-Foye to lead the Cougar glaring. Bertie was the next in the role. Rachel was almost certainly the avenger described in Elizabeth’s book. (The current holder of the role is Hannah Foye.)


Sophie Delacroix: Is a direct ancestress to the Delacroixs still residing in Maria. Some like to annoy the Foye brothers on purpose. Katrine Delacroix worked at the vet’s office and frustrates Hank in The Cougar’s Trade. Margo Delacroix hangs out at Val’s hair salon.


Other Connections

The Jaguars: Contemporary members of the tribe are first introduced in The Coyote’s Bride. They call themselves “El Culto.” They are, formally, The Cult of La Bella Dama or Culto 37.


The Squatters: Rachel mentioned there were squatters on the Foye ranch and that she hopes they don’t stick around for long. They’re the Baxters…the family that becomes connected to the Foyes by marriage many generations later.


Fionnuala: A.K.A. Noelle (The Angel’s Hunger)—she’s the Irish-ish elf who cursed Tamatsu in the 13th century.


The Hellmouth: The Foyes’ struggle to close it (and to find angels to do so) is accounted the Desert Guards series! Prior to Desert Guards, the last time anything came out of it would have been two to three generations back. Lola’s injection of her energy into the desert may have done the Foyes the favor of suppressing it for a while.


Artemis: Arrives in Maria in The Coyote’s Chance…with her brother Apollo. When consulted by the Coyote alpha in The Coyote’s Bride, she expresses she doesn’t know much about indigenous Mexican folklore and didn’t glean much from Lola. You learn here how that conversation actually went.


Miles Foye: Is Lola’s current (local) “ear.” She’s the human married to Hank Foye. Her job is less demanding now that Lola has outed herself to the Cougar group, but she still acts as something of an emissary to newcomers.