The Cougar’s Bargain

The cover of The Cougar's Bargain by Holley Trent, features a man with open shirt and black cowboy hat over misty background

Desert Guards #3

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

Second Edition Published July 9, 2019
First Edition Published by Crimson Romance on November 9, 2015


Hannah Welch doomed cougar shifter Sean Foye to spend the rest of his life in his animal form when she refused to accept him as a mate, but now she has no choice but to make peace. She strikes a bargain with the Cougar goddess La Bella Dama that frees Sean from his furry affliction, but also requires that Hannah to find him a more suitable mate.

When the goddess sends them on a mission to root out a group of dangerous forgotten shifters, Sean has no choice but to put his anger toward Hannah on ice. The sooner he can get back to the ranch, the sooner he can disentangle himself from the hostile woman who was supposed to be his mate.

But now Hannah’s not so sure she should give him up. He’s the only man who’s ever made her feel comfortable in her own skin—and her own fur, too. Unfortunately, Sean’s got hang-ups of his own. Just like her, he’s used to being overlooked.

Can she prove to him that their destiny deserves a second chance? Or will they continue to walk alone, rejecting the loving, yet daunting, future Fate had in store for them?

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