The Cougar’s Pawn

The cover of The Cougar's Pawn by Holley Trent contains a muscular shirtless man with dark red hair in a cowboy hat over a misty desert background

Desert Guards #1

(Set 1 year after the end of A Demon Bewitched)

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

Second edition published June 24, 2019
Published by Crimson Romance July 13, 2015


Cougar shifter Mason Foye is used to getting things he doesn’t want. First, his father died, leaving Mason the heir apparent of the alpha position of a group of mutinous cats. Now, the absentee goddess who created the species is sending him and his brothers on an ill-timed mate hunt. And her message, for once, is clear: convince a stranger to become his mate, or else.

When Ellery Colvard embarks on a camping trip with her two best friends, she expects bonding and maybe a little adventure, not to be kidnapped by a supernatural menace for the second time in a year. But this time, she’s nobody’s victim. The witch is prepared to use every trick in her arsenal to escape.

But…she’s not entirely sure she’s supposed to.

Powerful entities seem to be conspiring to push the two reluctant parties together, but can they trust the magic is real? Because if it isn’t, Mason may be cursed to spend the rest of his days roaming in his four-legged form—a bad deal for a father of an infant son.

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