The Coyote’s Chance

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Masters of Maria #4

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

Second Edition, June 17, 2019
First Edition Published by Crimson Romance, December 18, 2017

Content Note: Willa lived through The Inquisition. There are some brief mentions of past torture events.


Becoming the new alpha of Maria’s chaotic pack is coyote shifter Blue Shapely’s long-awaited chance to be his own man. Unfortunately, the pack’s hapless patron can’t help but thwart him at every turn.

After being magically attached to the Coyote group for more than a century, Willa Matheson has a soft spot for them—even the dangerous ones threatening to expose them to humans. She may have hired Blue to rein in the pack, but the two constantly disagree on strategy. She’s afraid to ruffle feathers, but take-charge Blue will do whatever it takes to get his Coyotes in line.

And to complicate things even more: all signs point to the anxious demigoddess being his mate.

Developing a tenderness for Willa will be an obstacle to Blue’s determination to be as ruthless as he needs to be, but if the duo can’t find a way to retract their claws, and soon, it may be too late to protect the pack’s secret—and their own hearts.

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First Edition Cover

The Coyote's Chance by Holley Trent