Gift from Carolina

Gift from Carolina contemporary IR romance bwwm Holley Trent

Storafalt Stories

Small town/Western contemporary

November 25, 2014


No one expected a womanizer like Joachim “Mojo” Koch to experience love at first sight, much less Mojo himself, but he’s become the newest victim of the “Storafalt Switch.” Now that he’s met new schoolteacher Derrin Copeland, he sees the light. In a place where men outnumber women two to one, cowboys have to straighten up and fly right if they want to win a lady, and Derrin’s got the quiet fortitude that makes Mojo want to settle down. Unfortunately, his own family doubts he can hack it. He worries that they’re right.

Derrin didn’t move to Wyoming on Christmas Eve to find a man, but now she can’t imagine being without one in particular. Mojo’s the perfect balance to her timid reclusiveness—he makes her want to connect instead of hide. In fact, he could be the bridge joining her to her new community. But just when she thinks she’s gotten the charmingly assertive ranch hand figured out, he flips the script. Something’s holding Mojo back. Holiday magic might have brought them together, but maybe now it’s up to the wallflower to keep them from drifting apart.

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