Cover of The Afotama Legacy book entitled Legacy. Has a man in black leather jacket embracing a shorter woman in pastel dress.

The Afótama Legacy Book 6

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

June 19, 2021

Content guidance for: childbirth/maternal mortality (protagonist in “former” life), grief, suspense, and magical & hand-to-hand combat.


As the eldest daughter of the Viking chieftain Alfarinn, Ótama’s duty was to honor their clan’s ways and prepare to lead. Demoralized by insidious rumors and simmering community distrust of her witch heritage, she fled.

She may have planned to start a progressive new community in Greenland, but Fate, and Mother Nature, had another plan for her.

Despite perishing during her voyage, she’s been allowed a second chance to build her dream. That means mending the rifts torn into her New World legacy and punishing the adversaries intent on destroying her descendants.

While she’s focused on propping up her namesake tribe in New Mexico, unexpected distractions abound. The powerful fairy Lachlann Grant contends that she’s the fated partner he’s been waiting a thousand years for. Though he insists that their pairing is meant to right wrongs and balance them both, she’s wary. She didn’t claw her way back to the realm of the living to have her flame doused by yet another opinionated brute.

But is he one?

If she can’t trust that her fortune has finally turned for the better, not only will she spurn the rare partner capable of understanding her terrific magic, but she’ll cast herself as an outsider in the place where she was meant to be a queen.

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