Viking Flame

eBook cover of Holley Trent's Viking Flame

The Afótama Legacy Book 3

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance (modern setting)

March 22, 2016


Acting as an emissary for her pregnant cousin Tess, Nadia Hall’s mission is to locate a missing member of her clan’s royalty. She sets up a temporary base in Florida expecting Tess to send backup, but Nadia doesn’t expect it to show up in the form of one of the two men she’s been aggressively avoiding for months. And when man number two arrives out of the blue, her crippling anxiety about connecting to her fated makes the usually assertive woman run and hide.

To complicate matters, her mates Thom Vaughn and Jeff Alstrup butt heads in a way only a sexually frustrated fairy and a fire-wielding modern Viking can manage. It seems the men don’t have a problem sharing Nadia—the issue is the men don’t know if they can share each other.

If the powerful trio can’t strike an accord, not only will Nadia’s mission potentially get derailed, but the three will be unable to compensate for the changes in their magic that their union has sparked. With Nadia being psychically linked to the rest of the Afótama clan, she can’t afford to lose control. None of them can.

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