Viking’s Pride

Ebook cover of Holley Trent's Viking's Pride

The Afótama Legacy Book 2.5 (novella)

Paranormal Romance (modern setting)

Published September 15, 2015

First published in the Vikings Untamed anthology.


Growing up in the isolated community of Norseton, New Mexico, Erin Petersen always felt at odds with her peers. Although power and favor is flowing back to the Afótama clan from the old Viking gods, Erin hasn’t been bestowed with any. She’s still a weak psychic, and being a perpetual sore thumb has left her aimless.

When the sexy as sin boy-next-door Will Valle returns to Norseton after more than a decade away, not only does he offer her the possibility of a exciting job in spite of her weak gifts, but a chance to explore the world outside of Norseton.

In the midst of the sexual awakening her brooding geek ignites, Erin learns that her “weirdness” might exist for a more sinister reason. She’s prepared to confront it with Will’s help, but in doing so, the revelations they force to the surface might shake the Afótama to their core. Erin has always wanted to fit in, but now she might be the reason many in the clan are on the way out.

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