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The Five W’s with Marci Boudreaux and Unforgettable You

Emilia Mancini has a softer, sweeter side named Marci, and Marci is visiting HolleyBlog to tell us about Unforgettable You, available TODAY from Calliope. Check out the five w’s and find out more about this contemporary rural romance. WHO are your main characters? Widowed Carrie Gable gave up her job as a chef in Des Read more of this post »


The title of this post, or rather the lack of title, will make sense in a moment. I started getting serious about pursuing a career as a writer after being sucked into the chick-lit trend of the late ’90s/early ’00s. I appreciated the smart humor, the imperfect heroines, and upon reading “the end” feeling quite Read more of this post »