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The Emerald Springs Legacy is now available as a boxed set!

Last week, I told you not to buy Colleen’s Choice on its own, and here’s why: The ESL collection is available for a limited time in a 5-novel + 1-short story bundle. You can read all of the stories back-to-back for less than a buck. (For some reason, Amazon is selling it at a sickeningly Read more of this post »

A li’l clean-up.

You know, the more books I write, the clearer my brand becomes to me. It’s taken me a while to hit my stride and figure out what my sweet spot is. You might have noticed that earlier this year, I swapped out my lovey-dovey Cardinals for the the hot pepper mouth on my main page. Read more of this post »

Is “broke” a trope?

You know, I’ve noticed a certain trend in my books. People tend to be kind of broke (and I mean financially strapped, and not brokeN). And it’s not exactly something I try to rescue them from. Most of the time, when they start off broke, they’re still pretty broke by the end. I’ve jokingly called Read more of this post »

Summer Miscellany

Hi! What’s up? Are you great? I’m great. Really great. Yep. No, actually, I’m a bit frantic right now. I’ve got a lot going on right now. I’m on top of it, more or less, but it’s coming with a mounting sleep deficit and every time my email client pings, I get a sinking feeling. Read more of this post »

It’s a double covergasm… (Contest closed)

The random winners have been notified! I’ll post their names after they’ve checked in. …for a double release! To celebrate, I’m going to give away e-book copies of both stories. More about that in a bit. Let’s talk about this hop! Yep. This one is ALL about the covers. The ones that just make you Read more of this post »

The eagle has landed.

Okay. That’s overly dramatic. How about, “The arc has resolved!” The last book in the Emerald Springs Legacy released today. Remember that series? The small town romance continuity set in Washington State (specifically, the Skagit Valley)? I wrote the second book in it. This series feels like it’s been forever in the making, but it Read more of this post »

I love a bargain.

Cruising for book deals? Don’t feel bad. I do that, too. Sometimes when you’re desperate for a fresh read (and a checking account infusion), you don’t want to pay retail price for a book. That’s why I’m excited Crimson Romance has started rolling out its web store. Crimson books are generally priced at $4.99, but Read more of this post »

Hijacked by the Emerald Springs Underbelly Blog

I was supposed to have a post up at the RomCom blog today, but…it got hijacked by some hipsters with an agenda. *sigh* At least they’re giving stuff away! Go enter to win a copy of Emerald Springs Legacy books Adam’s Ambition and Colleen’s Choice. You do have to sign in to comment, but, you Read more of this post »

News, April Edition

I haven’t done a news round-up for a while, so hang on! Here’s what’s coming up: 1) The release of Seeing Red has been locked in at June 16 (it was originally slated to be a September book). If you’re sick of rock star romances, you’ll like this book. A very smarmy cockroach of one Read more of this post »

If you liked this, you’ll like that [probably].

All of my contemporary romances read a little bit differently depending on what kind of heroines I cast. They range from shy and sweet to ball-witheringly (it’s a word, I swear) snarky, so even within the same series, books may have slightly different tones. Now, while I think it’s a great idea for you to Read more of this post »