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Crimson Romance

Missing Crimson Romance titles at Amazon

Hi, folks! If you’re looking for any of my Crimson Romance titles today (1/27) at any Amazon site and they’re not there, please check back later! Crimson Romance’s parent company was acquired by Simon & Shuster late last year, and last night, they started the process of transferring books from one account to the other. Read more of this post »

Some news about Sons of Gulielmus (and the sons of…Floyd?)

In case you missed it, the Sons of Gulielmus Demons Undone bundle containing A Demon in Waiting, A Demoness Matched, A Demon in Love, A Demon Bewitched, and An Angel Fallen, released last Monday. It’s a buck! (F’real.) I would have blogged about it, but I was on a boat somewhere in the eastern Caribbean Read more of this post »

The Emerald Springs Legacy is now available as a boxed set!

Last week, I told you not to buy Colleen’s Choice on its own, and here’s why: The ESL collection is available for a limited time in a 5-novel + 1-short story bundle. You can read all of the stories back-to-back for less than a buck. (For some reason, Amazon is selling it at a sickeningly Read more of this post »

Get these backlist books for $1.99 all February!

It’s that time again! Last year, I had two books in the Crimson Romance February $1.99 sale. This year, I have… Shit. Seven? Wow. I guess I was busy last year! In a nutshell, every Crimson Romance book published in 2012, 2013, and 2014 that is regularly priced at $4.99 will be $1.99 via Amazon Read more of this post »

And so it ends.

Okay. That title is extra dramatic, but it’s been one of those mornings. It’s here! The last installment of the Sons of Gulielmus series. (Sort of.) Let’s just take a moment to bask in Claude’s scruffy splendor. Mm. Mm. MMM. You can get him his story here: Adams Media Bookstore | All Romance eBooks | Read more of this post »

The eagle has landed.

Okay. That’s overly dramatic. How about, “The arc has resolved!” The last book in the Emerald Springs Legacy released today. Remember that series? The small town romance continuity set in Washington State (specifically, the Skagit Valley)? I wrote the second book in it. This series feels like it’s been forever in the making, but it Read more of this post »

Bid on books, and raise money for diabetes research!

Do you know about Brenda Novak’s annual diabetes research fundraiser? It’s raised over two million dollars since its inception. This is the auction’s tenth year, and funds raised will benefit University of Miami’s Diabetes Research Institute. Bidding on auction lots starts at just $3, and this year I have a book in one of those Read more of this post »

I love a bargain.

Cruising for book deals? Don’t feel bad. I do that, too. Sometimes when you’re desperate for a fresh read (and a checking account infusion), you don’t want to pay retail price for a book. That’s why I’m excited Crimson Romance has started rolling out its web store. Crimson books are generally priced at $4.99, but Read more of this post »

News, April Edition

I haven’t done a news round-up for a while, so hang on! Here’s what’s coming up: 1) The release of Seeing Red has been locked in at June 16 (it was originally slated to be a September book). If you’re sick of rock star romances, you’ll like this book. A very smarmy cockroach of one Read more of this post »

Taking the “temp” out of conTEMPorary romance.

Contemporary romances is a HUGE subgenre (or is it a sub-SUBgenre?), and it’s easy to get lost in it. Characters and storylines start to blur, and sometimes readers get the Wait…haven’t I already read this? feeling. That’s why I try to make every contemporary romance I write different and memorable. I want the characters to Read more of this post »