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A twist on this season’s “12 days” festivities

Every night through December 24th at the Den of Sin blog, my co-authors–Mel Blue, Ambrielle Kirk, LV Lewis, Renee Luke–and I are posting sizzling excerpts from all 12 erotic romance novellas, sharing some hot deals, and giving away great prizes. We’re calling the event “12 Sinful Den Nights” because all of the excerpts have a Read more of this post »

A li’l clean-up.

You know, the more books I write, the clearer my brand becomes to me. It’s taken me a while to hit my stride and figure out what my sweet spot is. You might have noticed that earlier this year, I swapped out my lovey-dovey Cardinals for the the hot pepper mouth on my main page. Read more of this post »

Tess and her Vikings are here!

The Viking Queen’s Men lives! But it wasn’t easy, y’all. I hint at why in the author’s note I included in the Vikings Unleashed collection: What I don’t mention in that note is that when I wrote the first couple of versions of Afótama 1 and 2, there was a love triangle between Tess, Ollie, Read more of this post »


I know every now and then my readers of one subgenre will cross over to another because they like my voice (thanks! love ya!). It’s flattering when my readers who normally wouldn’t touch a paranormal romance will give one of mine a try. Truth is, I don’t really expect a lot of crossover, though it’s Read more of this post »

A nine-fecta of Viking UNF.

These little beauties (courtesy of the fabulous Amber Lin), were posted during Hero Wars on the Love Between the Sheets Facebook page this week, and I’m sharing them here for posterity. Probably NSFW because VIKINGS. Oh! Don’t forget – Vikings Unleashed is available for preorder now. Grab it so it’ll be waiting on your e-reader Read more of this post »

Got me geeking: Cajun werewolves

So…I’ve been doing my fair share of procrastinating the past couple of weeks. It’s a coping strategy, really. Gotta shuck off some stress somehow, whether it’s by watching television show marathons or vacuuming my mattress. I’ve got deadlines on top of deadlines (which isn’t unusual for me, I guess, so I shouldn’t use it as Read more of this post »

Oh, the things I do for fun.

Like last year, I’m trying my luck in Nix’s Sex Scene Championship at Scorching Book Reviews. I’ll have a hot little scene from O for Two going up on August 16, and I’ll need you all to vote me to victory! (I wish you could see the imagery going through my head right now–a bunch Read more of this post »

This started as a Facebook post, but like my books, it ran away from me.

Before I went to the RWA national conference, I teased on Facebook that I would talk about what I was working on when I got back. Since I had that project open and it was on my mind, I figured I’d make a post about it. Well, the post got too long for a quick, Read more of this post »

Introducing Seth and Meg.

As I promised yesterday, I went and dug deep to find you Seth and Meg’s earliest sightings in the Hearts and Minds series. They both show up early in Saint and Scholar, though not together. Because that’s the “sweetest” book in the series, you won’t need to shield your screen for these. (I know. Boo.) Read more of this post »

Excerpt! (Not even close to rated PG.)

I’m running out of pithy post titles, sorry. As promised, I’m back today with a spicy excerpt. I put it into the handy scrolling box below so the naughty words aren’t IN-YO-FACE for those of you who are too young to be reading erotic romance (now would be the time for such people to engage Read more of this post »