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fast drafting

Not. Gonna. Do it.

NaNoWriMo is creeping up, and this is about the time of year I start thinking about what project I’m going to fast-draft come November. In 2012, I wrote Calculated Exposure and wrote half of what became Teaching the Cowboy. Last year, I started Following Fabian (and got waylaid because of other commitments). This year, though…I’m Read more of this post »

On purposeful slacking.

I’m making a concerted effort to do less writing this summer because I need to slow my release schedule a bit. My plan for this year was to have four novels and maybe a couple of shorter works released. I planned to ease up on my release schedule because I wanted to spend the second Read more of this post »

Coathanger, no clothes.

I mentioned on Facebook earlier that my first drafts are “dirty.” I call them “coat hangers without clothes.” That’s the secret sauce to my prolific-ness…well, that and the fact I write contemporaries that don’t require arduous fact-checking. I can write a novel-length book in a month. It’s never publishable at that stage, but the bones Read more of this post »

This Tuesday’s Tune

AAR’s Fast & Slow has been inspiring my muse a lot lately. There’s just something about that lyric: “You and I could really be something.” That’s the hero of my contemporary western to a tee. He’s ready, but is she? Damn, that song is just straight-up sexy. Anyway, since I’m here I’ll do a little Read more of this post »

How to Write a Novel in a Month: Part II

Back again for more butt-kicking. Where were we? Oh yes. How to write that novel fast. Okay, next: organization and motivational tools help. Don’t discount events like NaNoWriMo. They may seem like a gimmick where all you get is a badge saying you pounded out 50,000 words, but if you look deeply into the website Read more of this post »