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Crazy-ass questions I asked Sofia Harper.

I warned Sofia that if she kept putting herself out there, I’d Anya Breton her. She said, “Bring it.” It’d already been broughten.* I asked some silly questions, and she ping-ponged the silly right back. Who said romance writers were stuffy? (No, really–who did?) Check out our off-the-cuff interview, and then keep reading for a Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Becky Flade and FATED SOULS

Full moon isn’t until next week, but I’ve got a furry, howling treat for you a bit early. Author Becky Flade has stopped by to do the 5 W’s about her newly-released paranormal romance Fated Souls. It released just this past Monday and already has some great reviews. So! Let me just step aside here Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with MJ Schiller and Trapped Under Ice

MJ’s been a 5W victim before. She visited back in December and told us about her Crimson Romance release Taken by Storm. Now, she’s dipping a big toe into the self-publishing pond, and since I have a raft on it myself, I thought it was time she came back. I love hearing about how authors Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Chicki Brown and Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

Author Chicki Brown writes “contemporary women’s fiction in color” and she’s visiting today to talk about her latest novel-length work: Ain’t Too Proud to Beg. Guess what? It’s set partially here in Colorado. I haven’t been to Telluride, myself, but visiting the film festival is definitely on my bucket list. I’ll let Chicki tell you Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Sharon Ledwith and The Last Timekeepers and The Arch of Atlantis

Hey, everyone! Let’s take a deep breath in. (Breathes in.) And a long, cleansing breath out. (Breathes out.) Romance is exhausting. Even we authors have to take a break from it sometimes. Playing yenta and making everyone we write about fall in love is mentally taxing. So, today at the blog I’ve got a bit Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Lillian Grant and Hot Male

Hey, hey! Lillian Grant’s been on my radar a while. She frequently haunts one of my favorite online forums and I’ve paid special attention to the below cover art because a) I’m a sucker for punny titles (Hot Male isn’t the original one), and b) a male stripper?! (Yes, I saw Magic Mike in the Read more of this post »

Who the hell is “Lipschitz”?

Well, he’s a man murdered by one merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail! (It’s a reference from the musical Chicago.) I evoke him on the very first page of My Nora. Nora has very eclectic taste in music…and so do I. I talk about musical inspiration a bit at Manic Readers today, so check Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with D’Ann Lindun and Desert Heat

Congrats to lucky winner Cait O’Sullivan, the lucky winner of a copy of Desert Heat! *** Like your heart to pound a bit with your romance? Well then, you must be a romantic suspense reader. While I’m busy writing sequels and dirty cowboy stories, fellow Coloradan D’Ann Lindun has kindly stopped by to tell you Read more of this post »

Samantha Combs wants to horrify you with HELLOWEEN

Helloween is author Samantha Combs’ third adult horror collection, now available for purchase at Amazon for the recession-friendly price of $0.99. She’s sent us a little tease of the first few lines from each of the six stories. Make sure you keep the lights on while you read. They might be scary (in fact, she Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Elizabeth Finn and Brother’s Keeper

Happy Friday, folks! Author Elizabeth Finn is back and ready for another round of 5 W’s. This time, she’s going to share some information about her October 22 Liquid Silver Books dramatic romance: Brother’s Keeper. Hang tight, ’cause here we go. WHO are your main characters? This is the story of Rowan and Logan. Rowan Read more of this post »