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historical romance

The Five W’s with Becky Lower and The Abolitionist’s Secret

I’ve mentioned it before, but I read historical romances very selectively because I like to feel grounded in the place and time where a book is set. Every now and then, though, a premise sparks my interest and makes me take a closer look. I’m taking a close look at fellow Crimson Romance author Becky Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Diane Jewkes and The Heart You Own

I get lots of guests here at HolleyBlog who write contemporaries (’cause, hey, that’s what I write) but every now and then some brave historian puts up her hand to volunteer for a bit of torture fun. Diane Jewkes (another Coloradan, but don’t worry–we’re not going to run out of us!) braved and defeated the Read more of this post »