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On the Ropes – the last Hearts and Minds novel is available now!

First things first, you can buy it at one of these places: °All Romance eBooks °Amazon °Barnes and Noble °Google Play °iBooks °Kobo On the Ropes is Stephen and Jan’s story. If you read Seeing Red, you met Jan briefly at the resort. This story is set about a year after Seth and Meg’s wedding. Read more of this post »

Shades of Desire: 10 Sweet & Spicy Romances

I’m doing my part to help you fill up your e-readers for your summer vacations, and I think this is a romance bundle you’ll love–especially if you like your books sexy and diverse. Learn about it below, and before you click away to go purchase it, make sure you scroll down and find out how Read more of this post »

While you wait for cowboys, get Kilted for Pleasure.

I’ve got a visitor! I know, I know. It doesn’t happen often, and for the same reason I don’t host very many play plates at my house. I’d need to clean first. Right now, my blog is about as messy as my house due to neglect. I just pile things up swearing I’ll get to Read more of this post »

Got me geeking: these spec-fic romance series

Last week, I told you about the voices in my head ears. This week, I want to tell you about the books I read when I’m not writing. I’m a sucker for series, and here are a few that had me ignoring other VERY PRESSING obligations this year. These are all under the speculative fiction Read more of this post »

It’s a sinfully good deal.

We’ve got something hot coming up in May: the release of the three new Den of Sin novellas. We’re giving everyone who hasn’t been introduced to the Den’s allures to catch up before our Bacchanal stories launch. The Seduced bundle contains Forbidden Rendezvous, Ménage à Troys, Wicked Surrender, and Redeeming the Amazon. We’re offering it Read more of this post »

The Brownest Person in the Room

When I was revising Teaching the Cowboy before submitting back in 2012, I struggled with a few scenes. I worried they’d be offensive to people who don’t get my humor or who didn’t grow up in the sort of cultural climate that I did. At its heart, Teaching the Cowboy is a fish out of Read more of this post »

Can we talk about multicultural romance?

So, I subscribed to RT Magazine because of this headline: I was so stoked. Multicultural and interracial romance (they’re not necessarily synonymous) are topics I discuss passionately, but generally in safe, private spaces. It’s hard to discuss multiculturalism without getting sidetracked by politics because issues are so inextricably intertwined. My worldview is colored by my Read more of this post »

Just in time for New Year’s, the Den is at full capacity!

The fourth story in the Den of Sin‘s New Year’s Eve quartet in now available! Redeeming the Amazon is L.V. Lewis‘s steamy novella about a former model forced to deal with her changed body image after losing an essential hallmark of her femininity. Grab it here for $1.49 trough 1/2: All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes Read more of this post »

I’m still blushing over this one.

Okay – confession time. Almost every book I’ve written has some sex in it, and I’ve written a lot of books, but at heart I’m a bit of a prude. What? Stop laughing! I totally am. I giggle through every sex scene I write, and editing the steamy stuff takes me three times as long Read more of this post »

The Den Awaits

Y’all, we’ve been working like Christmas elves hopped up on Pixy Sticks, and it’s finally time to reveal The Den. It’s live! (!!! This post will have lots of exclamation points!! Sorry!!!) Den of Sin titles will release weekly throughout December, starting with Forbidden Rendezvous on 12/6, and ending with Redeeming the Amazon on 12/27. Read more of this post »