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Musa Publishing

Some news regarding my Musa Publishing backlist.

Hi, folks. I learned some sad news this morning. Musa Publishing–one of the first houses to take a chance on the sassy, funky kind of romance I write–is going out of business at the end of the month. After four tough years in this changing publishing climate, its owners had to make some hard decisions Read more of this post »

Limited time deals and release news

Because the internet is more like a highway than a racetrack, I need to remember that stating something once just isn’t enough. Naturally, I don’t want to devolve into a spam-bot, so I’m trying to find the right balance of repeating news so that folks don’t get weary of it. That said – here are Read more of this post »

Cover angst, squashed.

Y’all, not gonna lie. I worried about what Love by Premonition‘s cover would look like. I not only needed convey what the genre is, but also tone. It’s a paranormal romance, but it’s a pretty snarky one. Further, I have a redheaded hero and a multiracial heroine. I described Marcia in my cover art form Read more of this post »

I’m a busy little bee.

I’m getting back into the swing of things after December’s month of non-stop edits and trying to get a handle on time management here. For all you non-writers out there, if you’re juggling multiple contracts, you start to feel like you’re supervising an assembly line with all the querying, paperwork, edits, marketing coordination, and so Read more of this post »

Clowning around!

Release day! I’m all over the internets today, but I’ve rested a while at Lyric James’ blog where I’ve answered five questions about myself and Her Resident Jester. I’m also at the Musa blog where I tickle the dreaded r-word a bit — and I don’t mean “romance.” I’m off to celebrate, but don’t forget Read more of this post »

That kinda happened.

Back in early 2005 I had a bit of exploratory surgery to see what was wrong with my innards. It was outpatient and for the most part uneventful. One of the most memorable things about that day is while I was being prepped for surgery, the nurse took my glasses away. I’m extremely nearsighted. If Read more of this post »

Patricia Yager Delagrange and Women’s Fiction

At this stage in my life, I don’t have the guts to write women’s fiction. And to be clear, here, I mean mainstream fiction that contains themes relating to women’s issues, but excluding romance. For me, it’s a personality thing. I like a guaranteed happy ending. Now, back when I was just getting started with Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Sharon Ledwith and The Last Timekeepers and The Arch of Atlantis

Hey, everyone! Let’s take a deep breath in. (Breathes in.) And a long, cleansing breath out. (Breathes out.) Romance is exhausting. Even we authors have to take a break from it sometimes. Playing yenta and making everyone we write about fall in love is mentally taxing. So, today at the blog I’ve got a bit Read more of this post »

Apollo visits, courtesy Nancy DiMauro

I hosted Nancy DiMauro on the blog last year and had great fun reading her contribution to Musa/Urania’s all-female-penned quirky spec-fic compilation Jack Gorman Got Cut by a Girl. She’s got a great voice and a lot of wit, so I’m pleased to plug her newer work today, Apollo Rising. [Today we’re talking to the Read more of this post »

The Five W’s with Sloane Taylor and Heated Negotiations

Y’all remember Sloane Taylor, right? She writes elegant, spicy romances that feature feisty American women and very sexy European men? I may have gushed about her style before. It’s hard to keep up with all my gushing nowadays (feminine hormones and such). Anyhow, she’s got a new book out today and it’s the start of Read more of this post »