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The Five W’s with Marci Boudreaux and Unforgettable You

Emilia Mancini has a softer, sweeter side named Marci, and Marci is visiting HolleyBlog to tell us about Unforgettable You, available TODAY from Calliope. Check out the five w’s and find out more about this contemporary rural romance. WHO are your main characters? Widowed Carrie Gable gave up her job as a chef in Des Read more of this post »

Romping in a Crimson Wonderland (Giveaway ended)

We’ve got winnas! The grand prize winner of a $100 gift certificate is Marianne Theresa for commenting on Heather Thurmeier‘s post. $50 each to Shannon Grider with R.T. Wolfe and April Holgate with Nikkie Locke! The random winner of a copy of My Nora was Beckey. Beckey – keep an eye peeled on your email Read more of this post »

‘Cause I’m a masochist.

Starting Thursday, I’m going to be working on two novel-length works of fiction simultaneously. One will be the NaNoWriMo novel I previously alluded to: I’m still on track for that because I don’t want it to have a release date too far removed from its prequel. The second piece was a plot that came to Read more of this post »

I’m having a parade! Don’t rain on it.

So! News! 1. My Nora has a release date. Look for it right after Thanksgiving on 11/26. I thought, “Hey, cool,” and then I realized that’s right around when the book starts getting juicy, too. Yay, November! I’m working on a really cool giveaway for that book, but I need to figure out the logistics. Read more of this post »

The NC I Know.

I have a love-hate relationship with North Carolina, especially right now. Its politics make me reel sometimes, but the culture gets into you and fills you up so when you leave you’re frequently overcome by nostalgia and a niggling desire to go “home.” Although I don’t live there at the moment I still set my Read more of this post »